November 2019

For those of you who had hoped to travel America's iconic Lewis & Clark Trail in 2020, it is back on the schedule! We had a preformed group planning to travel the trail next year, but they recently relinquished their dates, so those dates are now available for you. Join us in August for what Thomas Jefferson called the greatest adventure in American history!
Explore the West Where Legends Live
Vanishing Trails
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Follow in the wake of the Corps of Discovery from St. Louis to the Pacific Ocean. This very special Vanishing Trails Expedition features living history, speakers, special events, authentic meals, Lewis & Clark Interpretive Centers, numerous historic sites, boat rides on the Missouri River, and much more!

Make your own journey of discovery next summer.

Yellowstone Snowcoach
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Two departures: January 18 and February 1  
Experience the solitude of Yellowstone in winter with pillars of steam drifting across the snow-crusted earth, creating a scene of fantasy and imagination on this six-day excursion. Includes Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Yellowstone National Park via Snowcoach, Jackson Hole, National Elk Refuge, Sleigh Ride, US Olympic Park. Begins and ends in Salt Lake City. 
Stories from the Trail

Nearly every nationality in the world participated in the Westward Expansion movement on the North American continent. This diversity was also reflected in the work crews employed by the Central Pacific and Union Pacific Railroads in their race to link the continent following the Civil War. The Central Pacific, which had the more difficult task of cutting eastward through the formidable Sierra Nevadas, found that maintaining a stable workforce was even more challenging than blasting tunnels through granite mountains. Recruitment efforts fell far short of the numbers needed, Read more...
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A modern airliner produces about 100 grams of carbon dioxide per passenger, per kilometer traveled. A passenger car with an economy rating of 22 mpg produces about 250 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer traveled.
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