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Spring is right around the corner and - this year especially - it will bring with it some exciting new products and services from Gist Piano Center.  You won't want to miss the exciting stuff we're bringing in from the recent music trade show in California!

In the meantime, we're closing out ALL of our Yamaha pianos in Lexington, clearing out the last of our print music overstocks and building more and more excitement about the new technologies surrounding Roland.  Hold on to your hats, Kentuckiana!  It's going to be a FUN few weeks!

TOTAL CLEARANCE Yamaha Piano Sale in Lexington
[Feb 25-27]
For the past two years, Gist Piano Center and Yamaha have had a strong partnership in Louisville and Lexington.  Now, we're parting ways in the Lexington market and we have to clear out every Yamaha Piano, Hybrid, Disklavier, Clavinova and Silent Piano in stock.

If you have been waiting for THE best deal on an instrument from Yamaha, this is it. 

For three days only, we're blowing out the rest of our Yamaha inventory at a fraction of its value.  Every. Yamaha. Must. Go.

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In Other News
Tech Workshop for Piano Teachers
You know that technology can help you and your students, but where do you begin? Digital pianos, tablets, MIDI files, apps - there are many options, but how do you find the best solution for you?  Laura Zaruta is back by popular demand and ready to help you incorporate technology into your lessons.  This "hands on" workshop is a must for the modern piano teacher!
Print Music Sale in Louisville
Last year, Alfred accidentally sent us a ton of music packets that we didn't order.  Many of them were marked at 30-40% off.  Now, we're clearing these packets out at up to 65% off!  If you've been looking for some new music books or a great deal on material for your piano students, this clearance sale is a MUST!  ...but hurry in.  This music won't last long at these prices!

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Bargain Bin Pianos
Piano Bench
The Bargain Bin
Used Pianos, Clearance Pianos. LOW prices.

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Wooden Piano Bench
Padded top with
music storage.

Our Price: $79 .99
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Soundboard Duster
Perfect for hard to
reach dust.

Our Price: $23.99
List Price: $34.99

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Any Piano Bench, Stand or Headphone
Mention this coupon and receive $10 OFF the regular price of any piano bench, stand or headphone from  Gist Piano Center.
Offer Expires 3/01/2016. Not valid with other offers.