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August 2021

Leyline Releases Q2 ESG Report, Highlights Impactful Interviews, Discusses Renewable Landscape & More

As former project developers, the Leyline team understands the challenges in the development cycle. Our mission is to fight climate change by providing capital to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy projects. This month, Leyline has been making strides to combat climate change through critical capital investments and expanding our knowledge by engaging in impactful conversations with fellow clean energy experts.



Innovative Applications & Technology for Solar

Leyline recently partnered with SaveSolar to develop 10.3 MW of commercial, residential, and government rooftop solar projects in Washington, D.C.

We had an insightful conversation with SaveSolar’s chief operating officer and solar industry expert, Alex Winn, to discuss the initiatives that could stem from our community solar partnership.

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Deanne Barrow

Leyline had the pleasure to sit down with Deanne Barrow, a senior associate of energy and infrastructure projects, at the global law firm Norton Rose Fulbright.

Take a look at the full interview to learn more about green hydrogen deals, long-term power purchase agreements, and emerging trends in clean energy legal deals.

Financing News

President Biden’s Proposed Infrastructure Investment

President Biden’s infrastructure bill is an impressive bipartisan effort with historic investments in transportation, grid modernization, next generation energy technologies, and pollution remediation. However, many critics still have their qualms as the current bill reduced or eliminated initiatives for public building growth and modernization, equitable health and social reform, investment in climate and clean energy research and programming, and clean energy tax credits seen in the initial proposal. Read our full thoughts on the infrastructure bill.

A New Renewables Landscape

Just a couple of decades ago, broad-scale renewable energy solutions might have seemed like an imagining of a futuristic world, but in 2020, renewables grew at the fastest rate in two decades, with capacity jumping 45 percent from 2019. The world no longer relies on one singular, detached technology or another. Today’s energy landscape is a broad, interconnected coalition of industries that will push renewable technologies to the next level. Read more about today's renewable energy landscape.

Latest from Leyline

For the Leyline Addressing Racism (LAR) working group, this past quarter was all about setting our words in stone, fortifying partnerships, and planning for the future. We continue to strive to be both a powerful force in the renewable energy revolution and a powerful partner in the fight against racism. Take a look at our latest Equity and Environment quarterly report.

Leyline recently partnered with PurposeEnergy for the SAINT project a venture to turn Ben & Jerry’s ice cream waste into clean water, fertilizer, and 1 MW of electricity for Vermont residents and businesses. Leyline CEO Erik Lensch wrote an article for POWER Magazine to share critical insights on the SAINT project and the importance of development-stage capital. Read it here.

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