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September 2021

Leyline Discusses the Potential for a Green Hydrogen Market, Analyzes the Social Cost of Carbon, Explores the Future of Energy Storage & More

As a team of former project developers, Leyline understands the challenges in the development cycle. Our mission is to fight climate change by providing flexible capital solutions to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy projects. The Leyline team is always looking to learn more and do more to combat climate change and this month was no exception. Continue reading for our latest renewable energy technology, industry, and finance insights.



Antlia Energy: Expanding Green Hydrogen’s Horizons

Green hydrogen is an emerging zero-emissions energy option. Despite its potential, green hydrogen is costly, difficult to transport, and currently not competitive with other forms of hydrogen energy.

Antlia Energy, a North Carolina startup, is looking to change that by building a recognized standard for a tradeable green hydrogen credit and a marketplace around that value. Read the insights from our conversation with Antlia Co-founder Sam Pollan.

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Daniel Flanigan

With companies offering new innovative and affordable solar technologies every day, solar energy has proven to be one of the best routes toward a clean energy future. 

One such innovator is ERTHOS, a solar deployment startup aiming to simplify solar “from the ground up.” Leyline had the pleasure to interview Daniel Flanigan, the company’s chief marketing and product officer, to learn more about ERTHOS’ technology and business model.

On the Horizon

Sodium Sulfate: Future New Grid Energy Storage Technology?

Lithium-ion batteries (LIB) have maintained market dominance as the primary energy storage technology. Unfortunately, LIB faces supply-chain issues and cannot deliver full power for more than four hours. Grid-scale, long-duration energy-storage projects are becoming more and more mainstream, so what technology should be featured in these projects if not LIB? Enter the sodium-sulfur battery technology. Take a look at our full thoughts on the development of this technology.

Latest from Leyline

BiogasWorld released its Showcase 2021 report that features Leyline’s partnerships with Dynamic and CleanBay Renewables to develop two successful renewable natural gas projects. Read the report here.

Leyline CEO Erik Lensch wrote an article discussing the recent United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, which warned that we must make unprecedented societal changes to combat the perils of climate change. We have long dragged our feet on making these transitions, but what if the costs of inaction are more severe than we realize? What if the IPCC’s dire warning is based on information that underestimates the need for rapid decarbonization? A new study and economic model suggest just that. Read Erik’s piece in Renewable Energy World.

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