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October 2021

Leyline Highlights RNG Projects, Evaluates Green Banks, Discusses Infrastructure Finance Solutions & More

As former project developers, Leyline understands the challenges in the development cycle and has the expertise and capital to help. Our mission is to fight climate change by providing flexible capital solutions to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy projects. Take a look at Leyline's latest insights on building the bridge to our clean energy future.

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Leyline Renewable Capital & Green Banks – How Do They Differ?

Green banks are public, quasi-public, or nonprofit entities that facilitate private investment into low-carbon, climate-resilient infrastructure.

At Leyline, our ideals align closely with those of green banks: We strive to reach clean energy goals and fund clean tech projects. We leverage capital to creatively help developers solve problems, overcome challenges, and ultimately, protect our planet. So how does Leyline differ from a green bank? Is there a competitive advantage to our approach? We think so.

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Amanda Li, COO & Co-Founder, Banyan Infrastructure

Leyline had the pleasure to interview Amanda Li, Banyan Infrastructure’s chief operating officer and co-founder. Banyan provides software to enable capital flow to infrastructure projects, minimizing the manual and time-consuming processes that typically exist between developer, borrower, and lender.

Read our conversation about why she started the company, and how the company’s unique technology helps investors and lenders streamline origination and servicing for distributed infrastructure projects. 

Case Study: Renewable Natural Gas

Since its founding, Leyline has provided capital to 14 renewable natural gas (RNG) projects with more than $23 million invested. By investing in RNG projects, Leyline partners with developers in the fight against climate change by displacing methane and generating clean energy. Check out our RNG case study to learn about our partnerships with Dynamic, CleanBay Renewables, and Evensol to develop three successful RNG projects.

Latest from Leyline

At Leyline, we prioritize curating a diverse, empowered team. Maintaining values for equity and justice and investing in the education of our future innovators equip us to best achieve our goals of accelerating the pace of green energy projects and reducing the world’s carbon footprint.

As a part of our equity and education efforts, Leyline created the Renewable Energy Externship at Leyline (REEAL) program. We interviewed Vivica Moore, Leyline’s first REEAL intern, about her experience with the unique program. Read our conversation here.

Leyline has been selected as a finalist for the 2021 Cleanie Awards in the Champion in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - Corporate Category. We are honored to be recognized for our commitments to expand diversity and address inequity in the renewable energy industry and our broader society through education, employment, and finance. We are excited to attend the virtual award ceremony coming up in November.

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