The Liberty Building - Landmark
The tallest building in Titan City, the Liberty Building is a landmark destination and one of Downtown's most architecturally significant skyscrapers. Towering over all the skyscrapers in the vicinity, the Liberty Building is stunning to behold.
At the ground level the Liberty Building faces a beautiful water fountain and park, and the entryway is adorned with stylish Art Deco trim and designs.
Looking up from the base of the building is dizzying. The only way to gauge the height from that angle is by the gargoyles that can be seen near the top.
Four immense, stylized, eagle-like heads jut out from each of the building's four corners high up the building. These 'guardians' of the building are often a landing point on the way up for Titans trying to reach the top, or stopping for a view of the City.
History of the Liberty Building:

By the late 1920's, cities across the U.S. were experiencing a boom in skyscraper construction. Cities and architects vied with each other to build the tallest, most attractive towers. Eager to bring the crown of "world's tallest building" to Titan City, in 1928, a group of businessmen commissioned prestigious architectural firm Alleyn & Sons to create a centerpiece for the city's burgeoning skyscraper district. The market crash of 1929 slowed construction and design efforts, but the group kept at it, pouring capital into the project (and incidentally softening the initial blow of the Great Depression in the city by employing hundreds of workers). In March 1931, the Liberty Building was finally completed. At 333 meters tall, it took the title of "world's tallest" from New York's Chrysler Building (1930, 319 meters tall), only to lose it mere weeks later to the Empire State Building (1931, 381 meters tall), a blow Titan City smarted over for many years.
Since its opening, numerous tenants have come and gone. One of the first, the Titan City Herald newspaper, moved here soon after the building opened and still occupies its offices today. Other prominent tenants have included various radio and television stations, an ever-changing assortment of financial concerns and intellectual property start-ups, various humanitarian organizations, the downtown branch of venture capital firm Clark Enterprises, and Alleyn Designs LLP, the current name of the firm that designed the building. The Liberty Building's spire was even briefly used as an airship mooring mast in the '30's (much as the Empire State Building's was), and there has been vague talk of doing so again, though lack of traffic and the risk of attack by the Aether Pirates have stymied plans so far. Even before its completion, as one of the symbols of Titan City, the Liberty Building drew villain attacks as a magnet draws iron. It has been a clashing ground of good and evil ever since. Notably, the Liberty Building was the site of Scorpion’s attempt to unleash the Steel Devourer in 1939.
The Liberty Building Today

In addition to numerous attacks by villains over the years, the Liberty Building has also survived natural disasters. As recently as 1998, the Liberty Building was one of the buildings threatened by Hurricane Atlas and the site of some significant heroics by the city’s various defenders.

Despite occasional attempts by city officials to shut down the Liberty Building as "attracting a fundamentally dangerous element to urban living," the Liberty Building remains a thriving symbol of the city today, and is one of Titan City's most stunning landmarks. Make sure to visit when in Downtown!
Development Note

The Liberty Building was one of the first Titan City buildings that MWM artists rendered concepts for before building the City. Below are some early renditions of the Liberty Building: