The second half of the Indiana General Assembly

Week six marks the halfway point of session where bills are heard in the second chamber of the Indiana General Assembly . A fraction of the bills remain alive, and have less than three weeks to get through committees.

ILF Advocacy in Week 6

Library supporters met with legislators on Feb. 10, Library Day at the Statehouse . We shared our support for SB410, the library bill we support that passed out of the senate with a vote of 49-0. I LF waited for library-related bills to be assigned to committee and posted for hearings, as we monitor bills related to ILF Policy Priorities . We will continue to monitor many tax- and education-related bills in the second half, such as HB1113 (the DLGF bill), HB1003 (aka "school freedom"), SB131 (national motto), SB385 (business personal property tax exemption). We watch closely for language of "dead bills" to be inserted into "live bills." Members may see ILF's bill list linked in the Bose Report .