SB410 passes out of House Local Government 13-0
the fast pace of the Indiana General Assembly

The House Local Government Committee heard SB410 on 2/19, and passed it unanimously 13-0. The video is archived here and is the first bill for the first 15 minutes of the hearing. SB410 heads to the House floor for 2nd and 3rd readings next week. See action below.

Week seven marks a point of session where bills move very quickly or risk dying in the second chamber of the Indiana General Assembly . ILF monitored hearings where tax- and education-related bills were heard in the second chamber. Many bills were held for possible "amend and vote" next week, including HB1113 (the DLGF bill) and HB1002, the bill to decouple testing from teacher/school evaluations. Most committees only have one more week to complete work. Members may see ILF's bill list linked in the Bose Report .