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February 28, 2020
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  • SB410, libraries, is on 3rd Reading in House. Take action.
  • Third Reading Deadlines and Conference Committees
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SB410 awaits one more vote and much more in
the Indiana General Assembly

The House engrossed SB410, Libraries , on 2nd reading with no amendments on 2/27. Only two days remain for it to pass on third reading by the 3/3 deadline. ILF is asking library supporters to help make sure that all State Representatives are contacted before or on Monday, 3/2.
* Not made your email or call yet? Please contact your legislators directly through our ILF Action Center . Enter your home address and customize your message. Or view the key messages if you want to contact them directly.
* Already called or emailed? Please send a new message to the effect that "SB410 is up for Third Reading. Please support SB410, the library bill, getting passes by the deadline."
Amendments and more amendments before the 3rd reading deadlines at Indiana General Assembly

The third reading deadline in both chambers is Tues, 3/3, which means that the bills needed to pass "second readings" (with or without amendments) and "third readings" on the chamber floor. This is a time where it is challenging (even for legislators) to track where language has been inserted. Bills that die in committee or in the second chamber may be reinserted into other bills. Language that was changed from the original bill may be reinserted into other bills.

Bills that have been changed in the second chamber usually head to a conference committee. The chamber leaders appoint conferees from each caucus for each bill in conference. All parties must sign off on the final language of the bill before going back to each chamber floor. On occasion when they do not agree, the chamber leaders replace the conferees.

How do conference committees affect the bills ILF monitors? ILF anticipates a few bills will go the final hours, and ILF stands positioned for action. We are especially watching the must-pass bill HB1113 , the Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) bill which includes provisions that could impact libraries, and HB1003 , aka the "school freedom bill," which allows schools to waiver certain statutory requirements. We are monitoring several bills related to local government, tax structure and education. Members may see ILF's bill list linked in the Bose Report .
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