Week 4 of the Indiana General Assembly

Week four marks the deadline for committee reports in the Indiana General Assembly . Of the nearly 1,000 bills introduced in 2020, bills that have not passed out of committee by the deadline will die. Committee meetings were long and often stressful, as many emotional topics dominated hearings (i.e. pregnancy accommodations at work, hands-free driving, smoking and vaping, firearm training for teachers, and lowering the age for committing a child to Dept. of Correction). Bills about taxes and fees debated fairness and to whom, especially as many communities have hit the property tax caps.

ILF Advocacy in Week 4

ILF focused most of our efforts building support for SB410. The library bill we support, SB410, passed unanimously (10-0) out of Senate Local Government on 1/30 (see below). I LF monitored may other bills related to ILF Policy Priorities . While we are watching scores of bills, several bills impact tax funds for local units. We will continue to monitor many tax- and education-related bills. M embers may see ILF's bill list linked in the Bose Report .