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March 13, 2020
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COVID-19 and next steps
Libraries are responding in the best ways to serve their unique communities while following guidance from health and government officials regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Yesterday, Governor Holcomb issued guidance about steps to protect the public , including limits on gatherings of people and visitations in health facilities, waivers for schools, policies for state employees, social distance policies, and more.

Hoosiers rely on libraries to provide factual information, community space, and quality programs. Library people rely on ILF for sharing of tools, best practices, networking, and advocacy. The Indiana Library Federation (ILF) Board met 3/12/2020 regarding key considerations for ILF and our services to members. Out of care for members and attendees, we cancelled all five Regional Conferences through April, which included Advocacy sessions. We are posting information on our COVID-19 and ILF Response webpage , which describes ILF's and members' responses, as well as tools and resources that our members may find most useful. We recognize that status is changing daily. We are actively preparing for how libraries will respond to the physical, social, psychological, and economic needs in our communities. We will update this regularly.

ILF monitors local, state, and federal public policies year-round and is positioned for action on behalf of libraries as needed. We are already in communications with Purdue Extension about collaborative webinars for local units. Stay tuned.

Thank your legislators for SB410, the library bill

Our priority legislation, SB410, Libraries , is ready for the Governor's signature . The votes of 10-0 in Senate Government Committee, 49-0 in the Senate, 13-0 in House Local Government Committee, and 89-0 in the House are a testament to strong bill authors and sponsor and relationship-based advocacy. In the final House Committee, ILF was commended for listening and proactively addressing legislator concerns .

What YOU can do!
  • Send thank you notes to your State Senators and State Representatives for support of libraries with passage of SB410, the library bill. Use our ILF Action Center for prepared emails, or "find your legislators" and go "old school" with actual thank you notes.
  • Post a thank you on social media to your legislator with a photo of activities in your library.
  • Join one or more of the virtual exchanges, including the first on 4/6 that helps libraries and fiscal bodies with implementation of SB410. To learn more, see our issue briefs on finances, criminal history checks, and cards for children in foster care.
Sine die at the Indiana General Assembly

The House adjourned sine die in the wee hours of Thursday morning, 3/12. Below offers a quick summary of key priority bills for libraries. Members may view the full session wrap-up from Bose Public Affairs, which includes a complete ILF Bill Tracking List .
  • SB2, School Accountability, decouples ILEARN test scores and school grades from teachers performance appraisals, among other provisions.
  • SB10, Pensions, makes changes to the way a member of PERF or TRF may make withdrawals.
  • HB1003, aka the "school freedom bill," which allows schools to waiver certain statutory requirements. preserve requirements for basic health and safety, accountability, collective bargaining, and fiscal oversight.
  • HB1065, Various Tax Matters, is a monstrous bill that includes many elements. Public libraries and schools should pay attention to notice provisions to local units were residential TIF districts are proposed and to new business personal property tax exemptions. This bill also includes controversial language about school referendums and charter schools. See Senate vote of 31-18 and House vote of 52-40.
  • HB1066, Various Education Matters, includes numerous provisions, including the may provision for school classrooms and libraries to post the national motto "In God We Trust" and the flags of the United States and of Indiana.
  • HB1113, the Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) bill, aligns the budget adoption date for libraries with other units, ensures notice for changes to LIT, renames the "assessed value growth quotient" to "maximum levy growth quotient," and modifies the LIT formula for Hamilton County units.

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