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March 6, 2020
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  • SB410, libraries, passed 89-0 in House, and heads to the Governor.
  • Conference Committees on remaining bills
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What YOU can do
Members may
CELEBRATE! SB410, the library bill, passed the House 89-0 and will head to the Governor for signature.

The House passed SB410, Libraries , with a vote of 89-0 on March 3. The votes of 10-0 in Senate Government Committee, 49-0 in the Senate, 13-0 in House Local Government Committee, and 89-0 in the House are a testament to strong bill authors and sponsor and relationship-based advocacy. In the final House Committee, ILF was commended for listening and proactively addressing legislator concerns.

What YOU can do!
  • Look for details about a bill signing with the Governor.
  • Join one or more of the virtual exchanges, including three that help libraries and fiscal bodies with implementation of SB410.
  • Send thank you notes to your State Senators and State Representatives for support of libraries with passage of SB410, the library bill. Use our ILF Action Center. Or consider combining your thank you with an invitation to an event during National Library Week.
The final hours of Conference Committees at the Indiana General Assembly

Several important bills remain in conference committee, where a few legislators will reconcile the final language of the bills. Legislative leaders set a goal to adjourn even earlier (possibly 3/10) than statutorily required (3/14). Important bills to ILF members include:
  • SB10, Pensions, makes changes to the way a member of PERF or TRF may make withdrawals.
  • HB1065, Various Tax Matters, was amended in the Senate to include residential TIF districts and business personal property tax exemptions, both which could reduce funding for libraries and schools, if passed with both provisions. See Fiscal Impact Statement for estimated amounts by local unit and county.
  • HB1003, aka the "school freedom bill," which allows schools to waiver certain statutory requirements. Initially, the bill would have allowed all but 27 statutory requirements to be waived, which was expanded to all but 41 requirements. Bill authors seek to preserve requirements for basic health and safety, accountability, collective bargaining, and fiscal oversight.
  • HB1113, the Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) bill which includes provisions that could impact libraries. Considered a must-pass bill, this bill may still pick up additional language from other bills.
  • We are monitoring for language insertion related to local government, tax structure and education. Members may see ILF's bill list linked in the Bose Report.
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