Join us at Honey Hill Coffee Company for the first discussion of Happiness is a Choice You Make Lessons from a Year Among the Oldest Old Saturday at 10:00a. No registration is required.

The book represents a compelling narrative of his encounters with six of New York’s eldest inhabitants and the wisdom they demonstrated about aging, life quality and the art of living with resilience and joy.  Suitable for adults of all ages, the book brings together insight to inform the way we live now and to carry forward with the reminder that happiness is not a destination, but a choice we make every day.
Help us fill our Kindness Bucket! In conjunction with our #Kindness Campaign, write down something you did that was kind or made someone smile, and place it in the bucket. Patrons who participate will have their overdue fees waived during October. No overdue fees? Enjoy a free beverage from our Keurig machine. Stop by any Help Desk to participate. Limit one K-cup per person.

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Want to find time for the things you always mean to do but can’t seem to get to?  Join us Thursday at 7:00p for a fun and creative exploration of the “unplanner,” which will help you set goals to make sure your own happiness and fulfillment come first.

Instructor Stacy Freeman will introduce you to Microsoft Word 2016. Perfect for beginners or those who want to learn more about Word. 

Novel Thoughts Book Club meets tonight at 7:00p. Join us in the anchor room at Lindy's Landing for discussion of The Child Finder by Rene Denfield.

Clue: A Mystery Book Club meets Friday at 10:00a. Join us at the library for discussion of Bitter Harvest by Wendy Tyson.

Celebrate Superhero Week at the library. Participate in our
Superhero Scavenger Hunt all week.
On Friday, REGISTER to make a cape, then REGISTER and stick around for The Incredibles and snacks.
Keep your little ghouls and ghosties busy this weekend. Drop-in  Sunday at 12:30p and design your very own holiday glow jar.
Want to make your own Emoji Pillow? Join us for a quick lesson on sewing by hand and then make your very own emoji pillow. There will be a large amount of sewing, ages 4th grade and older are welcome to create pillows.  

Looking to visit the library while the kids are off for a long weekend? Here’s a few “great book” suggestions to check out when you visit!
Hawk Mother
by Kara Hagedorn

Submitted by Kelly F.
This is a story of a soaring hawk who was shot from the sky, rehabilitated, and then wanted to be a mother. Her rescuers named her Sunshine. Each spring Sunshine would build a nest and lay two perfect but infertile eggs. Sunshine worked hard to tend her eggs and help them to hatch. She would wait. And wait. And wait. Finally, Sunshine is helped to become a mother through some adopted eggs! This gentle book tells the story of Sunshine through informative text and amazing photographs. You will not forget meeting Sunshine the mother hawk. (Children’s Picture Books)

Smithsonian Children's Illustrated Animal Atlas
by Jamie Ambrose

Submitted by Kelly F.
Read up on animals in this new book with a kid-pleasing mix of bright graphics and photography. The bold, well-drawn maps in this atlas are paired with photos of the animals who live there. The animals are pictured in their native habitats (taiga, forest, desert), showing how animals are adapted to survive. See page 67 to see how the leopard’s thick furry tail is used to keep its face warm! This book is for animal lovers! It is also a great book for kids who love maps and learning more about the world they share with animals. It’s new in Kid City! (Children’s Non-Fiction)

Saving Fiona
by Thayne Maynard

Submitted by Kelly F.
Introducing…Fiona…the baby hippo! She came into the world too early, but was greeted with love and expert care. Fiona was born at the Cincinnati Zoo’s Hippo Cove weighing only 29 pounds! She was “the littlest hippo anybody had ever seen”. Learn all about hippos and their aquatic life, and root for baby Fiona as she grows and gets stronger. This is a wonderful story told with informative words, fascinating pictures, and lots of heart. A great family read! (Children’s Non-Fiction)

by Sharon Creech

Submitted by Katie B.
Reena and her younger brother move from the city to Maine, where they encounter changes, particularly those rural animal interactions that are new to the kids, who are enjoying the freedom of movement where life is less dangerous than the city. They encounter crabby Mrs. Falala and her various animals, most notably “ornery” cow Zora. Against their wishes, the kids' parents volunteer them as helpers for Mrs. Falala. Over time, the relationship with both the woman and her animal menagerie change, and the kids discover young allies to help them.
(Children’s Fiction, Rebecca Caudill, Bluestem 2019)

Unbound: A Novel in Verse
by Ann E. Burg

Submitted by Katie B.
Grace was 9 years old when she was called to work in the big house. Despite warnings of keeping her head down, mouth shut and thoughts to herself, Grace could no longer keep silent. The result was a threat to sell her mama and brothers on the auction block. Grace knew she and her family had no choice but to run. This novel in verse tells of a little known alternate to the except north to freedom. It was to delve deep into the Great Dismal Swamp to seek safety and shelter. It is a harrowing reminder of the plight of the slaves and what freedom means when you don’t have it.
(Juvenile Fiction, Rebecca Caudill, Bluestem 2019)