October 2019
Educators and parents/families in our service area ( Regions 2 & 3 ) may request books and materials from the T/TAC   William & Mary Library .
Seven Steps for Developing a Proactive Schoolwide Discipline Plan: A Guide for Principals and Leadership Teams 
Authors: Geoff Colvin & George Sugai
Call Number: BM293
Classwide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports: A Guide to Proactive Classroom Management
Authors: Brandi Simonsen & Diane Myers
Call Number: BM339
Functional Assessment and Program Development for Problem Behavior: A Practical Handbook
Authors: Robert E. O'Neill, Richard W. Albin, Keith Storey, Robert H. Horner, & Jeffrey R. Sprague
Call Number: BM333
Discipline Over Punishment: Successes and Struggles with Restorative Justice in Schools
Author: Trevor Gardner
Call Number: AL191
How to Reach and Teach Children with Challenging Behavior: Practical, Ready-To-Use Interventions That Work
Authors: Kaye L. Otten & Jodie L. Tuttle
Call Number: BM335 
Don't Suspend Me!: An Alternative Discipline Toolkit
Authors: Jessica Djabrayan Hannigan & John E. Hannigan 
Call Number: BM336
Defiant Children: A Clinician's Manual for Assessment and Parent Training 
Author: Russell A. Barkley
Call Number: BM329
The Little Book of Restorative Discipline for Schools: Teaching Responsibility, Creating Caring Climates
Authors: Lorraine Stutzman Amstutz & Judy H. Mullet
Call Number: TT287
Teaching Urban Learners: Culturally Responsive Strategies for Developing Academic and Behavioral Competence
Authors: Gwendolyn Cartledge & Ya-yu Lo
Call Number: CD47
Interventions: Support for Individual Students with Behavior Challenges
Authors: Randall S. Sprick, Cristy Coughlin, Mickey Garrison, & Jessica Sprick
Call Number: BM315
School Discipline, Classroom Management, and Student Self-Management: A PBS Implementation Guide 
Author: Howard M. Knoff
Call Number: BM332
Making Things Right: Activities That Teach Restorative Justice, Conflict Resolution, Mediation, and Discipline That Restores: Includes 32 Detailed Lesson Plans with Prepared Projections and Handouts
Authors: Roxanne Claassen & Ron Claassen
Call Number: TT282
Positive Behavior Support at the Secondary "Targeted Group" Level: Yellow Zone Strategies
Author: Laura A. Riffel
Call Number: BM334
Strategies for Addressing Behavior Problems in the Classroom 
Authors: Mary Margaret Kerr & C. Michael Nelson
Call Number: BM326
The Restorative Practices Handbook: For Teachers, Disciplinarians, and Administrators 
Authors: Bob Costello, Joshua Wachtel, & Ted Wachtel
Call Number: AL193
Once you've identified books you'd like to borrow, submit the Request for Library Materials form. Please request two books at a time. If the book(s) you've requested are available, we will mail them to you, along with a postage-paid envelope to facilitate the return of the items you've borrowed by their due date.