February 2021
Educators and parents/families in our service area (Regions 2 & 3) may request books and materials from the T/TAC William & Mary Library.
Teaching Mathematics Meaningfully: Solutions for Reaching Struggling Learners
Authors: David H. Allsopp, LouAnn H. Lovin, & Sarah van Ingen
Call Number: CMT150
Bridging The Gap Between Arithmetic & Algebra
Edited by: Bradley S. Witzel
Call Number: CMT145
Response to Intervention in Math
Authors: Paul J. Riccomini & Bradley S. Witzel
Call Number: CMT141
The Formative 5: Everyday Assessment Techniques for Every Math Classroom
Authors: Francis (Skip) Fennell, Beth McCord Kobett, & Jonathan A. Wray
Call Number:  CMT147
Smarter Than We Think: More Messages About Math, Teaching, and Learning in The 21st Century: A Resource for Teachers, Leaders, Policy Makers, and Families
Author: Cathy L. Seeley
Call Number: CMT146
Error Patterns in Computation: Using Error Patterns to Help Each Student Learn
Author: Robert B. Ashlock
Call Number: CMT91
Teaching Math to People with Down Syndrome, and Other Hands-on Learners: Strategies and Materials
Author: DeAnna Horstmeier
Call Number: CMT152
Words Their Way: Vocabulary For Elementary Mathematics
Authors: Lori Helman, Kathleen Cramer, Francine Johnston, & Donald R. Bear
Call Number: CMT149
Connecting Arithmetic to Algebra: Strategies for Building Algebraic Thinking in The Elementary Grades 
Authors: Susan Jo Russell, Deborah Schifter, & Virginia Bastable
Call Number: CMT124
Teaching Elementary Mathematics to Struggling Learners
Authors: Bradley S. Witzel & Mary E. Little
Call Number: CMT151
Achieving Fluency: Special Education and Mathematics
Edited by: Francis (Skip) Fennell
Call Number: CMT129
A Guide to Mathematics Leadership: Sequencing Instructional Change
Authors: Don S. Balka, Ted H. Hull, & Ruth Harbin Miles
Call Number: CMT88
Young Mathematicians at Work: Constructing Algebra 
Authors:Catherine Twomey Fosnot & Bill Jacob
Call Number: CMT122
Focus in High School Mathematics: Reasoning and Sense Making in Geometry 
Authors: Sharon M. McCrone, James King, Yuria Orihuela, & Eric Robinson
Call Number: CMT120
Differentiating Science Instruction and Assessment for Learners with Special Needs, K-8
Authors: Kevin D. Finson, Christine K. Ormsbee, & Mary M. Jensen
Call Number: CSC17
NGSS [Next Generation Science Standards] For All Students
Edited by: Okhee Lee, Emily Miller, and Rita Januszyk
Call Number: CSC18
Science Formative Assessment
Author: Page Keeley
Call Number: CSC19
Including Students With Disabilities in Advanced Science Classes
Authors: Lori A. Howard & Elizabeth A. Potts
Call Number: CSC20
Once you've identified books you'd like to borrow, submit the Request for Library Materials form. Please request no more than two books at a time. If the book(s) you've requested are available, we will mail them to you, along with a postage-paid envelope to facilitate the return of the items you've borrowed by their due date.