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The Belfast Blitz
by Stephen Douds
Submitted by Lynn M.
This is mostly first-person recollections of the Belfast Blitz, which is sometimes a good way to read about history. More academic works can tell you how long the bombing went on, how many tonnes of explosives were expended, how many people died, and what the financial cost was, but this is the only sort of work where you will learn about how boring it is to hide all night from the bombing, how difficult it is to get to work when half the city is on fire, and many other little details about the experience that only someone who lived through it would think to mention. It reminds you that even amidst tragedy and grief, people are still people. (Adult Non-Fiction)
Eliza and Her Monsters
by Francesca Zappia
Submitted by Emily D.

Eliza Mirk is eighteen, a senior in high school, antisocial, and the anonymous creator of a webcomic read by millions of people. This book was an emotional rollercoaster! Eliza learns more about life outside of the internet but she is given the opportunity to show people the internet is more than cat videos and viral memes. Definitely read this if you’re a fan of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. (Young Adult Fiction)
Hum If You Don’t Know the Words by Bianca Marais
Submitted by Terri S.
An intense and wholly absorbing look at Apartheid-era South Africa, told through one unique family brought together by tragedy. This is the book I’m putting into everyone’s hands these days - sure to be one of the best books of the year. For fans of The Help and The Secret Life of Bees . (New Adult Fiction)
Into the Wild Nerd Yonder
by Francesca Zappia  
Submitted by Lynn M.

This is a typical high school novel about social groups, only with a twist: Instead of the ugly duckling being discovered by the beautiful people, the narrator is betrayed by the 'cool' friends she grew up with and finds better friends among those she once branded 'nerds'. It's a YA book, so it was an easy read, and it's really funny. (Young Adult Fiction)