Library Mascot Elections
Mascot Tiger's time in Office is coming to an end. So, it is time to elect a new Library Mascot!
Over the next few weeks, we will send you videos, photos, and slogans for our candidates so you can make an informed decision when you vote in November.

This edition is all about SHARK.
All About SHARK
Shark has a big bite, and big dreams for the Library! If you agree, vote for them in the Mascot Election!
Check out these books to learn more about Shark!
The Other Candidates
We will send you an online Ballot closer to the election for you to fill out and vote for your favorite mascot! While the big elections in our government do not reward you for voting, we would like to! We have four book packs we are raffling off to those who want to enter the raffle after they vote! Look for more information in your email and on Facebook.