News From the Library:
The College of Law digital collections contain thousands of photographs and documents spanning the entire history of the College of Law. Over the last decade, Valeri Craigle, our Digital and e-publishing Services Librarian, has collected and digitized these materials, uploading them to archival servers hosted at the Marriott Library. You can browse the collection here .
Your colleagues search for you online to discover your scholarship, get details about your speaking engagements, and inform their decisions on who they invite to speak at their own law schools. The Library wants to help you stay current with your online profiles so that people see the most up-to-date information about your activities and accomplishments. To get help with FAR updates, Pivot profiles, or to set up Heinonline, Google Scholar, or SSRN profiles, contact  Valeri Craigle . Never be out of date!
As of today, the College of Law scholarly repository ( has a total of 83,346 downloads, 4322 just last month! This month's up and coming paper is " The Battlefield of Tomorrow, Today: Can a Cyberattack Ever Rise to an “Act of War? ” by Christopher M. Sanders, published in Volume 2018, No. 2 of the Utah Law Review.
Library Team Member Spotlight
Valeri Craigle is the Head of Digital and E-Publishing Services at the Law Library. She joined the Law Library in 2008, having worked at the Eccles Health Sciences Library as a Medical Librarian and project manager for the Neuro-Ophthalmology Virtual Education Library (NOVEL). Valeri received her B.S. in Anthropology from the University of Utah and her Master’s in Library Science from Emporia State University. Prior to her career as a librarian, Valeri worked as a forensic anthropologist for the Utah State Office of the Medical Examiner. She has authored several publications, including on the Law School’s Global Justice Project – Iraq. Her daughter Kenzie, a senior at the Salt Lake School for Performing Arts, works part-time in the law library. Valeri is an avid mountain biker and is working on renovating a home in Blanding, Utah. Her father, Francis Nielson , is an alumna of the College of Law, Class of 1970.
Library Services Reminders

To submit a research request for the library Quinney pool, contact Ross McPhail .
For course reserves and book ordering, contact Alicia Brillon .
For assistance with law review submissions, SSRN, Digital Commons, and research profiles, contact Valeri Craigle.