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Items from the Marriott Library
Items that are checked out from the Marriott Library are  subject to Marriott Library recall and fine policies . If an item is recalled, you will receive a notice and have  14 days  to return the item. If you do not return it within that time frame, a fine of $1 per day is assessed. The item is declared lost after 30 days, at which time you are charged a lost item fee, a $10 processing fee, and the fine you have accrued. Library accounts are blocked when your fine amount is above $50.00 and Faust librarians and staff cannotwaive Marriott fees. You can read more about Marriott policies here . Please be good campus citizens and return your items promptly.

Past Exams for Students 
If you have past exams that you would like added to the  online exam reserve  (available from the library home page under “Library Quick Links”) for students to study from, please send them to Valeri Craigle  . The exam reserve is organized by professor. As a reminder, the library only posts exams to the reserve that are given to us by the professor. You can see which exams, if any, are available for your courses by checking the online reserve.
New books for March
Library Team Member Spotlight
Beth Jennings joined us in October, 2019 as our Head of Circulation. She also teaches legal research. Beth has prior experience as a teacher with Salt Lake City Public Schools and as a law librarian at the Utah State Law Library. She received for JD from the University of St. Thomas School of Law, her M.L.S. from Pratt Institute, and a B.S. from the University of Nevada, Reno. She has been a volunteer with our Rainbow Law Free Clinic since February 2019, and her father Mike Mills is an alum of the law school (Class of 1983). Beth was born in Utah, but has lived in Nevada, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Minnesota, New York, and New Jersey. She is the PTA President at her kids’ elementary school and once applied powder to Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s nose! It is Beth’s sincerely held belief that all vacations and trips should include a destination listed on
Library Services Reminders

To submit a research request for the library Quinney pool, contact Ross McPhail .
For course reserves and book ordering, contact Alicia Brillon .
For assistance with law review submissions, SSRN, Digital Commons, and research profiles, contact Valeri Craigle.