February 19 - March 11, 2020
Celebrating the 1930s through February
The Depression slowed the library’s plan for the first permanent Bend Library building, but it didn't stop it. Designed by Portland architect A. E. Doyle in 1929, local architect Hugh Thompson redesigned the building to use wood instead of brick to save money, and grants from the Federal Public Works Administration saved the project. The library finally had a permanent home in spring of 1939, and the Sisters Library opened the same year. Find more information on our website , and look for special displays in your libraries--and stay tuned as we celebrate the 1940s in March.
Author Susan Orlean Speaks February 19 in Bend
B est-selling author Susan Orlean joins us tonight, February 19, as the second author in the Deschutes Public Library Foundation's Author! Author! literary series. You can purchase tickets online here or at the door at Bend High. Orlean's most recent release is the  New York Times  bestseller  The Library Book , which was named a Top 10 Book of the Year and a Notable Book of 2018. (Orlean's writing workshop is sold out.) 
Game On! Check Out Our New Games Collection
We're rolling out our first-ever Games Collection. Now you can check out a game just like you would a book or any other item from your library. There are 18 games in all, from classics like Stratego and Clue , to role-playing games such Pandemic and Codenames . There's even Throw Throw Burrito , which actually involves throwing a (foam) burrito. Browse the full collection here. Games can be checked out for up to three weeks and can be reserved.
Come Stargaze with Us in Redmond
Central Oregon's clear, cool nights provide abundant opportunities to view our expansive cosmos. Spend an evening stargazing with us at the newly opened Redmond Hotel’s Rooftop Social Garden. Staff from The Oregon Observatory at Sunriver will be on hand with their professional telescope to assist guests in viewing the moon, Venus, and–with some luck–the Orion Nebula. Be sure to dress in warm layers, as this is an outdoor event. February 28, 6:30 p.m.
Looking for a Little Romance? Be Sure to Browse the All-New Romance Collection
If you love a good love story, our new Romance Paperbacks collection will make you blush with joy. Whether you like your romance sweet or sizzling, suspenseful or comforting, you are sure to find something that makes your heart go pitter-patter. A collection of new and popular titles is in place at every Deschutes Public Library location. Stop by and find your perfect (book) match!
Noche de Cuentos en Redmond y Downtown Bend
Noche de Cuentos es una iniciativa formada para celebrar el poder que tiene la narración en unir a nuestras comunidades. Reúnase con nosotros para celebrar las ricas y abundantes tradiciones de narración de América Latina. Venga a escuchar cuentacuentos de nuestra comunidad en Central Oregón y aprendan como iniciar su propia relación con la narración. ¡Invitamos a toda la familia a participar! March 11 en Downtown Bend ; March 12 en Redmond .
Need Help with Your Tech? Check Out Our Classes
We offer free, hands-on computer classes on a variety of topics every month. From learning to sell items online to becoming proficient in Excel, you'll find a range of offerings suited to a variety of interests and levels of proficiency. Classes vary, so be sure to check out the Classes page on our website for the most recent schedule. In addition to formal classes, our libraries offer open labs where you can drop in to ask specific technology questions or practice computer skills.
Lunch & Learn for Book Club Leaders
Do you lead a book club? Are you looking to create memorable experiences for you group? Join us for a bi-monthly Lunch & Learn , starting in February and ending in August, where we'll share strategies used by DPL Book Club leaders as well as local book club leaders in the Central Oregon area. The Feb. 26 program focuses on organizing your reads: past, future, and present. Learn how to create book lists, add ratings and notes to your reads, and how to use our holds system for maximum success.
We offer an average of 25 children's storytimes each week.  Visit our website for a complete calendar  of storytime locations, dates, and times. Here are some upcoming highlights:
High Desert Stories - 2/19 (La Pine); 2/21 (Redmond); 2/24 (E.Bend)
DIY Bouncy Balls - 2/19 (La Pine)
Picture Book Party - 2/22 (La Pine)
Story Time at Buckingham Elementary - 2/25 , 3/10
Rockets - 3/4 (D. Bend)
Paws to Read - 3/5 , 3/19 (E.Bend)
Rocket Flingers - 3/11 (La Pine)
Noche de Cuentos - 3/11 (D.Bend); 3/12 (Redmond)
Royal Tea Party - 3/13 (E.Bend)

Intro to Crochet - 2/19 (Redmond)
Paracord Bracelets - 3/7 (E.Bend)
Tiny Terrariums - 3/11 (Sunriver)
CreativeBug: Embroider a Constellation - 3/14 (Redmond)

Abogado en la Biblioteca - miercoles (D.Bend)
Diviértete con Libros  - 2/19 , 3/4 , 3/11 (Sisters); 2/20 , 3/5 (D.Bend); 2/24 , 3/2 , 3/9 (Redmond); 3/3 , 3/10 (E.Bend)
Cultura y Lectura - 3/5 (D.Bend)
Noche de Cuentos - 3/11 (D.Bend); 3/12 (Redmond)

Downtown Bend - The Omnivore's Dilemma ( 3/12 )
East Bend - How to Change Your Mind ( 3/17 )
La Pine - The Botany of Desire ( 3/19 )
Redmond - Cooked ( 3/12 ); Nine Perfect Strangers ( 3/23 )
Sisters - The Library Book ( 2/26 ); The Feather Thief ( 3/12 ); The Omnivore's Dilemma ( 3/25 )
Sunriver - Food Rules ( 3/11 )
Democracy: We've Got Issues--Citizens United - 2/19 (D.Bend)
Downtown Bend Sewing Study - 2/19 (D.Bend)
Writing an Effective Business Plan - 2/19 (D.Bend)
The Depression & Deschutes Co. - 2/20 (D.Bend)
Landlord-Tenant Law - 2/20 (Redmond)
Free Tax-Prep Sessions - 2/22 , 2/29 , 3/7 , 3/14 (D.Bend)
Adult Coloring Fun - 2/22 (Redmond)
The Art of Ikebana - 2/22 ( Sunriver and E.Bend ); 2/26 (Redmond)
Soapmaking for Beginners - 2/22 (Redmond)
Day of Remembrance: Executive Order 9066 - 2/23 (D.Bend)
Excel Charts & Graphs - 2/25 (D.Bend)
SCORE Small Business Counseling - 2/25 , 3/3 , 3/10 (D.Bend)
Lunch & Learn for Book Club Leaders - 2/26 (D.Bend)
Leap into the Stars - 2/28 (SCP Redmond Rooftop)
People Not Politicians: Redistricting in Oregon - 2/29 (D.Bend)
Pikas of Local Lava Flows - 3/3 (Sisters); 3/10 (La Pine); 3/12 (D.Bend)
Intro to Craigslist - 3/3 (D.Bend)
The Electric Future of Cars, Bikes, and Transit - 3/3 (E.Bend); 3/11 (Sisters)
Fashion of the Future - 3/5 (E.Bend); 3/31 (Redmond)
Excel Basics - 3/6 (Redmond)
CreativeClub: Handmade Paper - 3/7 (La Pine)
It's a Free Country: The Limitations & Responsibilities of Freedom - 3/7 (D.Bend)
Shared History/Tribal History - 3/7 (Redmond); 3/14 (E.Bend)
The Future of Waste in Deschutes County - 3/10 (Sunriver); 3/16 (D.Bend)
Introduction to eBay - 3/10 (D.Bend)
I'm Game! - 3/11 (Redmond)
Introduction to Finding Grants - 3/12 (D.Bend)
Central Oregon's Employment Future - 3/13 (Redmond); 3/30 (D.Bend)
Android Basics - 3/13 (Redmond)
CreativeClub: Art Journaling with Cut Paper Collage - 3/14 (Sisters)
10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer's - 3/15 (D.Bend)

Quiet Writing Time with WCCO - 2/24 , 3/2 , 3/9 (D.Bend); 2/25 , 3/3 , 3/10 (Redmond)
Cultivating a Writing Practice - 3/9 (D.Bend)
Writing Unforgettable Characters - 3/10 (D.Bend)
Wordsmith Wednesday s - 3/11 (The Commons)
Library Locations & Hours
You'll find us at six locations in Deschutes County;  click here  for locations and hours.  All digital resources  (such as eBooks, downloadable audio books, streaming movies and music, etc.) are available anytime, from anywhere you happen to be with an internet connection.