January 8 - January 29, 2020
Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday, Deschutes Public Library!
In 1916, voters established Deschutes County in a break from Crook County and Prineville to better control their own destinies. Among the accomplishments of the young county was the foundation of the Deschutes County Library system in January 1920. The county--and the library--have grown by leaps and bounds in the last 100 years.  Join us in 2020 as we look back on a century of community . For the first 10 months of the year we will highlight a different decade of our history during each month, starting with the 1920s throughout January.  Look for displays in your libraries highlighting each decade, watch for special "Deschutes by the Decade" programs honoring our history, and be sure to check out our new, limited-edition anniversary library cards. It all culminates with a grand masquerade ball in the fall, a nod to library's hugely popular masquerade ball of 1920. Follow along on our website here.
Author! Author! Presents: Barry Lopez
Barry Lopez was called "the nation’s premier nature writer" by the San Francisco Chronicle . His book Arctic Dreams  received the National Book Award, and  Of Wolves and Men  was also a National Book Award finalist.  Tickets to Michael Pollan's presentation are sold out, so be sure to buy your ticket now to ensure your seat for Lopez's January 23 presentation. Tickets are available online from the Deschutes Public Library Foundation’s website . Tickets are also available for Su san Orlean's February 19 presentation.
Creativebug: Thousands of Free Classes
 Get started on a new craft project with guidance from more than 5,000 classes, workshops, videos, tutorials, and patterns with Creativebug , the latest free online resource available with your library car d! Topics include baking, knitting, sewing, art, holiday, and more. Watch classes anytime, anywhere, and since classes never expire, you can start and stop projects at your own pace. No pressure, just possibilities! Log in here to begin creating today.
Meet the Architects: Envisioning the Library's Future
Bend is one of the country's fastest-growing communities. What does this growth mean for the future of the library? Join us for two sessions with architects to discuss realistic and fiscally responsible ways in which the library can meet the needs of our expanding population. Everyone is invited to attend and meet the architects and provide feedback on preliminary ideas and designs. Jan. 30: D.Bend Library (noon) ; 10 Barrel East (6:00 p.m.)
Democracy: We've Got Issues, So Let's Talk!
We live in interesting times and face increasing divisiveness in our country. The library has created a space to discover where we can agree, where we can compromise, and where we can disagree with civility as we discuss some of the most contentious issues of the day. Join us as we deepen our understanding of issues through the lens of constitutional history and legal rulings. These monthly discussions are guided by constitutional scholar and OSU Professor Emeritus James Foster. The first session takes place on Jan. 29 at the Downtown Bend Library. Subsequent discussions meet the third Wednesday of the month. Upcoming topics:
Work with Us: Three Full-Time Job Openings
Our talented staff make the library a great place to visit, but they also make it an amazing place to work. We offer competitive pay and generous benefits as well as an inclusive culture dedicated to serving the entire Deschutes County community. If you like working with people and enjoy providing excellent customer service, we could be a great match! We have job openings for a Community Librarian , a Youth Services Manager , and a Network Administrator . Learn more and apply online here.
The Library kicks off its centennial celebration with a month of free events and programs that explore this pivotal decade in our history, as well as other things ‘20s. You can toast the great art of the Prohibition era at one of two speakeasies, explore Art Deco architecture, change your life in just 20 minutes, and more. All programs are free and open to the public. Find a full program listing here and below under Programs for Adults.
Are you looking for a way to serve your community? Stop by the Volunteer Expo at the Downtown Bend Library on Sunday, January 26, and visit with a variety of community organizations looking for civic-minded individuals who want to make a positive impact. You will have the chance to meet with representatives from a variety of organizations. The Expo is free, and people are encouraged to stop in anytime between noon and 3:00 p.m.
We offer an average of 25 children's storytimes each week.  Visit our website for a complete calendar  of storytime locations, dates, and times. Here are some upcoming highlights:
Kids Camp - 1/8 , 1/15 , 1/22 , 1/29 (D.Bend)
Sneaky Snow Catcher: Family Breakout Room - 1/11 (Redmond)
LEGO Block Party - 1/11 (Redmond); 1/22 (E.Bend)
Storytime at Buckingham Elementary - 1/14 , 1/28
Doodle Bots - 1/15 (La Pine)
Chinese New Year Party - 1/21 (D.Bend)
DIY Bouncy Balls - 1/22 (Sunriver)
Picture Book Party - 1/25 (La Pine)

Kerbal Space Program - 1/8 (Redmond)
Creativebug: Watercolor Painting Introduction - 1/15 (Redmond)
DIY Squishies - 1/15 (Sunriver)
Craft a Motor - 1/22 (La Pine)

Abogado en la Biblioteca - miercoles (D.Bend)
Diviértete con Libros  - 1/15 , 1/22 , 1/29 (Sisters); 1/9 , 1/16 , 1/23 (D.Bend); 1/13 , 1/20 , 1/27 (Redmond); 1/14 , 1/21 , 1/28 (E.Bend)
Cultura y Lectura  - 1/9 (D.Bend)

Downtown Bend - Of Wolves and Men ( 1/9 )
East Bend - Arctic Dreams ( 1/21 )
La Pine - Winter Count ( 1/16 )
Redmond - Arctic Dreams ( 1/9 ); Then She Was Gone ( 1/27 )
Sisters - Arctic Dreams ( 1/9 ); Arctic Dreams ( 1/22 )
Sunriver - Of Wolves and Men ( 1/8 )

Visit our website to learn more about the library's book clubs and book club kits you can check out for your entire club. Looking for recommendations? We can help with that, too!
Ringing in the New Year Escape Room - 1/8 (Redmond)
Cosmic Conversations: Meteorites - 1/8 (D.Bend)
How to Hack a Budget - 1/9 (E.Bend)
Introduction to Finding Grants - 1/9 (D.Bend)
Discovery Lab: Weaving - 1/11 (La Pine)
Android Basics - 1/11 (Sunriver); 1/17 (Redmond)
Open Hub Singing Club - 1/11 (La Pine); 1/18 (Redmond)
Oregon 19th Amendment Ratification 100th Anniversary - 1/14 (E.Bend)
SCORE Small Business Counseling - 1/14 , 1/21 , 1/28 (D.Bend)
Writing an Effective Business Plan - 1/15 (D.Bend)
1920s: The Pivotal Decades - 1/15 (Sunriver)
1920s Literary Speakeasy ( 21 and over only) - 1/15 (Gompers Distillery); 1/18 (Crater Lake Spirits)
Deschutes by the Decade: Roaring '20s - 1/16 (D.Bend)
Modern or Modernistic? Art Deco Architecture & Design - 1/17 (Sisters); 1/18 (D.Bend)
Hidden Gems of SE Oregon - 1/18 (Redmond)
Adult Coloring Fun - 1/18 (E.Bend); 1/25 (Redmond)
Improve Your Life in 20 Minutes a Day - 1/21 (Redmond); 1/25 (E.Bend)
Intro to Cloud Computing - 1/21 (D.Bend)
Detox Workshop - 1/22 (Natural Grocers)
Artist Reception - 1/24 (Sisters)
Android Camera Basics - 1/24 (Redmond)
Community Questions: On Compassion - 1/25 (E.Bend)
Music in Public Places - 1/25 ( Redmond and Sisters )
Friends of the Bend Libraries Winter Book Sale - 1/25 , 1/26 (Ponderosa Elementary)
Volunteer Expo - 1/26 (D.Bend)
Intro to File Management - 1/28 (D.Bend)
Legal Aid Workshop: Landlord-Tenant Law - 1/28 (E.Bend)
Democracy: We've Got Issues - 1/29 (D.Bend)
History Pub Encore: From Frontier Newspapering to the Digital Age - 1/29 (E.Bend)
Carving Rubber Stamps - 1/29 (Sunriver)
Meet the Architects: Envisioning the Library's Future - 1/30 ( D.Bend and 10 Barrel East )
Find Your Next Read - 1/31 (Redmond)

Quiet Writing Time with WCCO - 1/13 , 1/27 (D.Bend); 1/14 , 1/21 , 1/28 (Redmond)
Wordsmith Wednesdays - 1/8 (The Commons)
Karen Thompson Walker Reading - 1/12 (D.Bend)
Central Oregon Writers Guild: Fun with Revision - 1/14 (D.Bend)
Library Locations & Hours
You'll find us at six locations in Deschutes County;  click here  for locations and hours.  Please note all libraries are closed on Monday, January 20. All digital resources  (such as eBooks, downloadable audio books, streaming movies and music, etc.) are available anytime, from anywhere you happen to be with an internet connection.