January @ the Library
Our Favorite Books of 2018

2018 was a fantastic year for reading! Some of our favorite authors released books this year and they didn't disappoint. As 2018 draws to a close, we'd like to share with you a roundup of our favorite reads.

Friends of the Whitefish Bay Library 6th Annual Writing Contest

Friends are also once again offering Friends of the Whitefish Bay Library Writing Contest. This will be the 6th straight year for the contest, which includes submission categories for short story (1,000 words or less), memoirs (1,000 words or less), and poetry (200 words or less). The contest is open to anyone 16 and up. Submissions will be accepted from January 14-February 11 and are limited to one entry per person per category. Cash prizes will be awarded in mid-March. Read all the details on our website.
2019 Friends of the Whitefish Bay Library Scholarship
The Friends of the Whitefish Bay Library are pleased to announce two $500 educational scholarships for students who have been positively influenced by libraries. High school seniors who are residents of or attend school in Whitefish Bay and will be attending college during the 2019/2020 school year are eligible.

Applicants will submit a 400-word original essay describing how libraries have helped them achieve their academic goals or influenced their personal life. The quality of this essay is the main consideration for this scholarship. Read all the details here.
Thank You Friends of the Whitefish Bay Library!
A big thanks to Friends of the Whitefish Bay Library for purchasing vibrant and fun new furniture for the adult wing.

Throughout the year Friends support many library purchases including furniture, programming, and so much more! You can help by becoming a member of Friends. Sign up on our website today!

Traditional history books provide richly-detailed chronicles of America’s most important battles but pale in comparison to eyewitness accounts from those who were there; at Normandy, Iwo Jima, Inchon, Khe Sanh, Kabul and Fallujah.

In “Mettle & Honor,” Wisconsin veterans, interviewed by Emmy Award-winning journalist Mark Concannon, share their stories from the battlefield, capturing all the emotions of war; a clear sense of duty, the fear of young soldiers in combat, the humor resulting from the occasional absurdities of military life and the unique sense of pride that one can only realize from serving our country.
Author Visits:

Be inspired by testimonials about personal transformation and the discovery of one’s purpose, through a chance internet encounter with the International Institute For Global Leadership. Stories range from educated young adults who left lucrative employment to serve humanity, to others who were already leaders who sought a spiritual perspective in their work and finally to those who sacrificed through adversity and overwhelming odds to lead others to a better tomorrow.  

Author Nick Petrie returns to the Whitefish Bay Public Library for his 4th installment of Peter Ash series, Tear It Down. Petrie's books will be available for purchase by Boswell Books.
Registration for all kids programs begin on January 2.
Inspired by Karen Beaumont's great book, we'll celebrate our unique selves at this program. Make some funny faces, create a wonderfully weird self-portrait, and learn the science behind facial features.
Do you have a favorite old t-shirt that you don't wear anymore? Give it new life as a bag at this no-sew program. We'll also have some spare t-shirts if you can't bear to part with your favorite.
Paper, markers, glue, yarn and more: there will be art supplies as far as the eye can see! Drop in on your day off and use your creativity to make something amazing.
(Must attend part 1 to attend part 2.)

Hand sewing is a great skill for boys and girls!  Sewing and other crafty skills hone fine motor skills and help kids refine the skills needed to perform and problem solve as they get older.
In part 1, The kids will be taught how to thread a needle, tie a knot, attach a button, and the basic types of stitches.

In part 2, kids will take their skills to sew a completed project from a selection of kid-friendly crafts!
You’re invited to a Snow Ball! Don your finest attire and dance the morning away. We’ll have the fanciest of snacks and crafts as well as a dance party guaranteed to help get rid of those cabin fever wiggles.  
How many of your feet would fit into a dinosaur footprint? How tall is the tallest person? How do you compare? We’ll answer these questions and more!
Gearing up for Finals
January 14-24

Come to the library and study! Extra tables will be set up throughout the building to accommodate the extra studiers. If you are feeling stressed take a minute and unwind in the library’s teen space.
Half Day Pizza Party
Friday, January 25, 12pm

Registration Preferred – 6th grade +
Teens are invited to enjoy some pizza, play some games and relax on their half day of school in the library’s Storytime room.
Librarian Picks
For Adults

On a dark midwinter’s night in an ancient inn on the river Thames, an extraordinary event takes place. The regulars are telling stories to while away the dark hours, when the door bursts open on a grievously wounded stranger. In his arms is the lifeless body of a small child. Hours later, the girl stirs, takes a breath and returns to life. Is it a miracle? Is it magic? Or can science provide an explanation? These questions have many answers, some of them quite dark indeed.Those who dwell on the river bank apply all their ingenuity to solving the puzzle of the girl who died and lived again, yet as the days pass the mystery only deepens. The child herself is mute and unable to answer the essential questions: Who is she? Where did she come from? And to whom does she belong? But answers proliferate nonetheless. -- From Amazon
For Kids

A young Muslim girl spends a busy day wrapped up in her mother’s colorful headscarf in this sweet and fanciful picture book from debut author and illustrator Jamilah Tompkins-Bigelow and Ebony Glenn.

A khimar is a flowing scarf that my mommy wears.
Before she walks out the door each day, she wraps one around her head.

A young girl plays dress up with her mother’s headscarves, feeling her mother’s love with every one she tries on. Charming and vibrant illustrations showcase the beauty of the diverse and welcoming community in this portrait of a young Muslim American girl’s life.-From Amazon

Selected as a Best Book of 2018 by NPR,  Kirkus Reviews School Library Journal , and  Shelf Awareness !
For Teens

Alex Mata doesn't want to worry about rumors of alien incursions--he'd rather just skate and tag and play guitar. But when he comes home to find an alien has murdered his parents, he's forced to confront a new reality: aliens are real, his parents are dead, and nobody will believe him if he tells. On the run, Alex finds himself led to the compound of tech guru Jeffrey Sabazios, the only public figure who stands firm in his belief that aliens are coming.

At Sabazios's invitation, Alex becomes a Witness, one of a special group of teens gifted with an ability that could save the Earth: they can glide through time and witness futures. When a Witness sees a future, that guarantees it will happen the way it's been seen, making their work humanity's best hope for stopping the alien threat. Guided by Sabazios, befriended by his fellow time travelers, and maybe even falling in love, Alex starts feeling like the compound is a real home--until a rogue glide shows him the dangerous truth about his new situation.-From Amazon
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