We appreciate everyone’s patience as we navigate these unprecedented times. The safety of our patrons and staff continues to be our main priority for determining service levels. Due to the rapidly rising number of COVID cases in our area, we made the difficult decision to close the library starting Tuesday, November 10, in order to conduct a three-day-long deep cleaning procedure of the facility to mitigate any potential exposure to patrons and staff.
As of Friday, November 13, until further notice, we have resumed the library’s curbside service, “Grab & Go,” during regular posted library hours. For questions or to reserve items, please call the library at 847-526-6225 or email us at You can also chat/text via our website at You are also able to login to your account to place items on hold.
Although the building is closed, staff will be available during normal business hours to answer questions, offer reading and viewing suggestions, and troubleshoot eBook device issues. Virtual programming for all ages will continue--please check our online program calendar for upcoming events. Art and craft kits will continue to be available for pickup. Homebound and interlibrary loan services will also continue.
eBooks, digital movies, music, newspapers, magazines, and online databases are available 24/7 through services like Hoopla, Libby, Kanopy, and our new PressReader with your Wauconda Area Library card number.
Returned physical items will continue to be quarantined for five days. These items will not come off your record until the quarantine is complete. Please know that late fees are not being charged at this time.
With changing state directives, we continue to work with local health department officials in determining the safest course of action. As the public health situation continues to unfold, the impact on our community and staff may necessitate the adjustment of hours and service levels on short notice. Please continue to follow us on social media and check our website regularly for the latest updates. Once again, with safety being our number one priority in determining service levels, we remain committed to serving our patrons during this challenging time.
Your continued patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.

Elizabeth Greenup
Library Director
November 23, 7:00 p.m.

This presentation will invite you into the world of the American Indian to discover what it once was to be Native, and what it means to be Native now. An Ojibwa, Kim Sigafus will be dressed in her traditional Native regalia, and will present on Native culture through oral traditions, language, and history.
She will discuss Native encampment life and will drum and sing an Ojibwa lullaby.
More details on the event page.
December Book Clubs

December 3rd - All the Books

December 16th - The Hunting Party (Virtual Fiction Book Club)

December 21st - The Bridge Ladies (Virtual Nonfiction Book Club)
*Virtual Author Visit*
November, Ages 2-5

Missing storytime? No worries!
Each kit includes a flannel board story and activity sheet. 

Call the library for more details.

All items for the nature hunt are located at the library. Enjoy the outdoors and get some fresh air while you find all of these hidden items. 
Come each week for a new adventure.

Enjoy an interactive story on the library lawn. One new story per week. 
Available from library opening til dusk, weather permitting. 
Each page of the story will be action packed, enticing children to run to the next page.
by Susan Wiggs

Submitted by Kelly K.
What a charming book centering on the thing we all love most – books! I fell in love with this story, it’s just what I needed to read right now. 
Turning tragedy into a life change, not being afraid to move on and try new things, Natalie works through several crises and ends up better in the end because of her strength and heart. 
by Erik Larson

Submitted by Molly J.
Erik Larson is a master at crafting nonfiction into almost thriller level excitement history books. That stands true with this book as well. Lusitania was an English giant luxury ocean liner faring the seas at a time when enemy German U-boats were lurking. The captain knew the Lusitania was the fastest ship on the sea at the time, but the Germans were still prepared to thwart her, and did. The disaster would be the match that lit the chain of events leading to the US involvement in World War I.
Fascinating and tragic all at once.
by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Submitted by Kathryn S.
Ball gown wearing Sawyer explains how she ended up at the police station to an officer - who probably wished he didn’t ask how it all started.
The last thing 18 year old Sawyer wanted to do was to become a debutante. She was much more at home working as a mechanic. But her grandmother said she would pay for college and give her information about the father she never knew - if she spent a year becoming a part of her grandmother’s world. But how did she end up at a police station? There are plenty of secrets and scandals to uncover in this fun “escape” read.
by Carrie Finison

Submitted by Kelly F.
LouAnn knows autumn is the time to be warm, well-fed, and tucked tight in her bed. She gets busy in the kitchen making fresh donuts, hot from the pan. Just then… ding-dong, and before she knows it she is sharing her donuts with friends, friends, and more friends.
Will the donuts and the friendships last?

This sweet, rhyming book may make you laugh...and make you hungry for donuts, of course!

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