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December 2023

Holiday Hours

Sunday, Dec. 24, 12-3

Monday, Dec. 25, closed

Tuesday, Dec. 26, closed

Sunday, Dec. 31, 12-5

Monday, Jan. 1, closed

“Books are my very favorite gift to give. If you give a book to someone and they really respond to it, you feel you’ve actually changed their life in some way.”

— Jeannette Walls

Upcoming Events

Saturday, December 2, 5:30-8:00

Write a letter to Santa (be sure to include a name and return address) and shop at the artist tables for that perfect handmade gift! Also a $1.00 used book sale and library merch.

Submit your best guess in person, via email or social media will for the amount of snow we have in front of the library at 9am, December 25.

Prize(s) for the closest guess!

New Book Spotlight

On a hot day in 1960s Maine, six-year-old Joe watches his little sister Ruthie, sitting on her favourite rock at the edge of the blueberry fields, while their family, Mi’kmaq people from Nova Scotia, pick fruit. That afternoon, Ruthie vanishes without a trace. As the last person to see her, Joe will be forever haunted by grief, guilt, and the agony of imagining how his life could have been.

In an affluent suburb nearby, Norma is growing up as the only child of unhappy parents. She is smart, precocious, and bursting with questions she isn’t allowed to ask – questions about her missing baby photos; questions about her dark skin; questions about the strange, vivid dreams of campfires and warm embraces that return night after night. Norma senses there are things her parents aren’t telling her, but it will take decades to unravel the secrets they have kept buried since she was a little girl.

In 1874, in the wake of the War, erasure, trauma, and namelessness haunt civilians and veterans, renegades and wanderers, freedmen and runaways. Twelve-year-old ConaLee, the adult in her family for as long as she can remember, finds herself on a buckboard journey with her mother, Eliza, who hasn’t spoken in more than a year. They arrive at the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in West Virginia, delivered to the hospital’s entrance by a war veteran who has forced himself into their world. There, far from family, a beloved neighbor, and the mountain home they knew, they try to reclaim their lives.

In The Comfort of Crows, Margaret Renkl presents a literary devotional: fifty-two chapters that follow the creatures and plants in her backyard over the course of a year. As we move through the seasons—from a crow spied on New Year’s Day to the lingering bluebirds of December, what develops is a portrait of joy and grief: joy in the ongoing pleasures of the natural world, and grief over winters that end too soon and songbirds that grow fewer and fewer.

Along the way, we also glimpse the changing rhythms of a human life. Grown children, unexpectedly home during the pandemic, prepare to depart once more. Birdsong and night-blooming flowers evoke generations past. The city and the country where Renkl raised her family transform a little more with each passing day.

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December 2023

Wednesday, December 13, 10:30

Music with Ms. Martha

Ms. Martha from Community Music School joins us!

Wednesday, December 27 &

Friday, December 29


Storytime and activities for all ages.

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Thursday, December 28:

Winter Bingo!


Invite your friends for a fun afternoon of Bingo and prizes!

“Books make great gifts because they have whole worlds inside of them.”

― Neil Gaiman

Book Clubs

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January 16

3:30 pm

Wait Till Next Year

by Doris Kearns Goodwin

January 16


Becoming Eve

by Abby Chava Stein

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December 19


The Bandit Queens

by Parini Shroff

Book List of the Month:

The Best Gifts for Bookworms (That Aren't Books)

"Eating and reading are two pleasures that combine admirably."

― C.S. Lewis

And here are some ideas for eating while reading