The Librotraficante Movement is Thrilled to Announce that
United We Stopped HB1938 & SB1128!

You did not let HB1938 to take U.S. History Back to 1938 before Ethnic Studies Existed.

Book Liberation Party,
Fri, May 10, Noon
Austin, TX Capitol Building
With authors banned in AZ, but liberated in TX: Dagoberto Gilb, Carmen Tafolla (pending), and more!
Come and share your story.
Antonio reading a book by the brook.
Saving History & Making History

Thank you for standing up for Ethnic Studies. Thank you for

* spreading the word
* protesting in front of the Alamo
* calling your representatives
* writing letters to the editor
* testifying at the hearing for HB1938
* rising state wide on April 26
* calling the Texas House Calendar Committee

Together we have defeated HB1938 and SB1128 which threatened to torpedo Mexican American, African American, and Women's History. Please send us your pictures from any of these events for our website which shall remain as a testament to your work.

Tony on Univision VS HB1938
TX & US Flags at the Alamo
Was it the 40+ Articles?
From word of mouth, to the classic media of radio & TV, to, multi-media, together we spread the word on HB1938 and SB1128 from the community, to the classroom, to across the state and across the country. Senator Patrick and Representative Capriglione introduced these bills at the onset of Spring Break. They did not know that the Librotraficantes spend their Spring Break Freeing the American Imagination, last year in Arizona, and now in Texas.
Chavez & Douglas April 26, 2013
We defeated HB1938 and SB1128 by organizing 8 Texas Cities?
Texas Stood Up for Ethnic Studies. Thank you
* Rio Grande Valley
* Austin
* Dallas
* San Antonio
* Houston
* Fort Worth
* El Paso
* Baytown

Thank you to all the groups who helped and all the students. These are just a few of the them: MASSO-UTSA, Tu Libro, MASA-NVC, MASC-UTPA, Tejas Foco, NACCS, CICLO, T.E.J.A.S.,, H.O.M.B.R.E.S.
Peac, Amor, & Ethnic Studies
We are very proud of the entire coalition. This is just the beginning. We will ensure that the components of HB1938 or SB11128 do not creep into other bills as the legislative session ends.

We will mark this victory Friday, May 10, on the Texas Capitol steps.

And there is more History in the making. Stay tuned for our announcement of the candidates who we will run for political office in November.
Tony Diaz, El Librotraficante
HB1938 & SB1128 Coverage
Resolutions Against SB1128 & HB1938

--The National Assoc. for Chicana and Chicano Scholars (NACCS)

--The NACCS Tejas Foco

-- Texas Junior College Student Government Association                   

--North Texas LULAC Convention 

--Texas Senator Sylvia Garcia

--The American Library Association & REFORMA are monitoring the situation and considering a variety of actions.


1938 Comphrensive History via HB1938  

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This Friday, Noon, Austin, Texas.
Capitol Building Steps. Authors Banned in AZ -Freed in Texas.
Dagoberto Gilb, banned in AZ
Dagoberto Gilb & Carmen Tafolla (pending)
& more, always MAS.

Stay Tuned: As We Make a Major Announcement That Will Change the Future of Texas politics.