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New look... same mission!
We're here with you to defend the sanctity of human life and the dignity of the person. There is much to share with you. Because of that, we are splitting this newsletter into two parts. This first part will highlight grant recipients of the 2020 Life & Justice campaign. We will soon send you an update on other news and happenings from the office. Thank you for being a part of this mission!

Congratulations to the 2020 Life & Justice Grant Recipients!

These worthy organizations received grants this year, thanks to your generosity. Each is dedicated to defending the dignity of the person and the sanctity of human life
in their own unique way.

Missionaries here live radically Christian lives in voluntary poverty and in service to the poor. They befriend and care for the poor in our city.
Their grant was used to help purchase a 12 passenger van!

"We want to roll up to new homeless camps, have a grill out & coffee, and bring our laptop to help anyone who wants to apply for a birth certificate. We plan to keep a safe distance & remain conscious of practicing good sanitation during all of this of course."

"We are grateful for the opportunity to continue to love and serve the poor in new and exciting ways!"

This organization works to educate, organize, and inspire our Kansas City community to advocate for immigrant rights and support programs that build inclusive communities. AIRR recognizes and is working tirelessly to keep families together and end the humanitarian crisis our immigrant community is facing. They are committed to empower and uplift the voices of the immigrant community and provide them with the tools they need to better protect themselves and their families.

This is a faith-centered ministry based in the Greater Kansas City area. Their mission is to embrace, empower, ignite, and advocate for women impacted by incarceration, domestic violence, and addiction, providing hope. They share the love of Christ through weekly support groups, group life coaching, one-on-one mentoring, and quarterly events/retreats. They match women who are incarcerated or in the justice system with other women to serve as mentors, coaches or helpers. They distribute Bibles, journals and Christian literature inside county jails, shelters and juvenile detention centers.

The mission of Angel Eyes Maternity Home is to give homeless first time moms a safe place to live during their pregnancy while also providing them with the resources, education and job training needed to prepare for motherhood and successful independent living.

Family United Transportation
Their mission is to provide transportation for families to visit their loved ones incarcerated in Missouri and Kansas correctional facilities. They believe in family unity and putting families first.

In addition to 'Keeping Families Connected,' they also offer transportation services to senior citizens and others for personal needs.

InterServ Counseling Program
InterServ is a faith-based non-profit, based in St. Joseph. This program focuses on finding sustainable resources to assist senior and disabled citizens living independently. Many clients need short-term crisis management when facing life's challenges. These resources may include finding and securing housing opportunities, developing a sustainable budget, and managing unsafe housing conditions. The social worker can assist clients with annual updates to insurance, taxes, energy assistance, and food stamp paperwork, along with other long-term needs.

"Through the sharing of God's love, we seek out and assist those in need, so all may live their lives more fully and capably."

Morning Glory Ministries ~ Will's story
This morning Will gave me $20 cash and told me thanks for all we do for the homeless. Will, however, didn’t have any shoes, and though it is just 35 degrees today, he only has a lightweight coat. Will has been homeless in Kansas City since 1991, living in the woods. He is a tough man, but he needs us! We keep Will alive by feeding him each day and making sure he can get the items he needs to survive, even when he can’t keep track of them sometimes. Will’s story toward homelessness started as a teenager breaking curfew and getting caught with marijuana and a bottle, then being sent to a boys’ home, escaping, and escalating downhill. Will is now 59; he was married once. While he struggles with many things, we at MGM also get to see his beautiful days when he is full of generosity and compassion for others. Will might never take steps to progress up the ladder of success, but in my office today when I asked him about Morning Glory he said, “This is home.”
On any given night in Kansas City hundreds of men and women sleep on the streets. Every day they know they can find a hot meal and some assistance under the “Gold Dome” (we are known on the street as “Gold Dome”). Through your support in 2019, MGM served 103,925 meals to the homeless and struggling poor in downtown Kansas City and helped more than 7,000 with life-saving emergency assistance. We need your help to sustain this holy work.  
(From Morning Glory Annual Appeal 2020; Reprinted with permission)

Pictured at right volunteers representing The Catholic Center, Lori, Katie, and Laurie Jo, are ready to prepare and distribute breakfast to very hungry men, women, and even a few children at the Morning Glory Cafe. The cafe will be happy to once again open its doors to their guests beginning June 2, while keeping safety their top priority.

Their vision is to restore hope and empower young mothers. Their mission is to shelter and educate homeless, pregnant and parenting young women by providing comprehensive services that empower them to make successful life decisions for themselves and their babies.

Some of the ways they offer help to young moms...
  • A safe home
  • Access to medical care
  • Case management
  • Health and fitness
  • Clothing and personal items
  • Baby care training
  • Continuing education coordination
  • Baby care items
  • Adoption awareness
  • Parenting tips
  • Life skills classes
  • Money management
  • Aftercare support

NCMBF is a non-profit grassroots organization that offers free, confidential assistance to individuals and small business owners in search of information, coaching, mentors, or connections to similar business owners. They strive to work with county governments and municipalities to strengthen community and economic development. These grant funds will be used to engage high school students and work with local communities to help young adults learn of opportunities in the local area which would encourage younger generations to make rural Missouri their home where they can live, work and worship.

This is a new parish ministry under the leadership of Deacon Tyrone Gutierrez, which will serve children and families at Children's Mercy Hospital. Families come to the hospital not only when their children are in danger of death, but more often to deal with life debilitating diseases that the whole family has to learn to live with. This chaplaincy outreach of Our Lady of Sorrows being developed will strive to meet these needs by utilization of permanent deacons who will receive specialized training in working in a children's hospital. They will also receive enhanced training through the diaconate office of our diocese on subjects such as: sacraments, end of life issues, referrals for counseling, and pastoral care for the patient, parents, siblings and staff. Initially they will staff the hospital for a 4 hour shift every Wednesday and be on call for after hour emergencies. As the program progresses, they will staff for a complete 8 hour shift each Wednesday, with future plans to move to a two day a week staffing with on call coverage after hours. This program will help to assure that the dignity and needs of those who are in crisis will always be met, through knowing the loving embrace of the Church family. Truly reaching out with the love of Christ.

Roots and Rounds
Working with North Central Missouri Business Facilitation, this program bridges the wisdom and energy of all ages in communities and workplaces through improved intergenerational communications and leadership. They work to empower healthier relationships through education to reduce the marginalization and unjust treatment of people based simply on their age -- younger or older. People of all ages can make valuable contributions to our organizations, workplaces and communities. They work with organizational leadership, development and learning consultants to deliver trainings, retreats and coaching to clients.

What U Can Do
This is an organization created by Father John Wandless to empower youth and make opportunities for youth to create projects that carve pathways that allow the disenfranchised to find success and equity in American society. Currently their projects create affordable housing opportunities for returning citizens. They offer opportunities for individuals and families in need to rent properties or purchase housing on a rent-to-own pathway. Typically they acquire properties that are unviable to the market due to tax or messy title issues. By rehabilitating these properties, they work to mend neighborhoods and create opportunities for sweat equity or training in construction and the trades. Gentlemen of the Round Table, a group that supports and trains men who have done their time in the justice system and have demonstrated their willingness to become better men, is one of their greatest partners. Their work is improving neighborhoods and individual lives.
Your gifts make these Life & Justice grants possible.

Thank you!

And the King will answer them,
'Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’

Matthew 25:40
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