Critical Information for the Life, Accident & Health Insurance Market
Industry News                                            June 6, 2019
Colonial Penn / Living Insurance

Colonial Penn Life Insurance announces their new insurance product, Living Insurance.  Combining simplified issue life insurance with a new early payout option, this offering gives consumers more flexible coverage.
LifeSecure / Long Term Care

LifeSecure Insurance Company launches its new worksite Long Term Care Insurance in Massachusetts, now putting them in 48 states plus Washington, D.C.
BCBS / Digital Health Solution

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and Garmin Health announce a collaboration to provide their members with a digital health solution, improving health through wearable devices. / Life Insurance

The InsurTech Express website launches, bringing together life and annuity communities through one easily accessible, online location for life insurance technology news, trends, education, and other information.
Colonial Life / Employee Benefits Survey

A new Colonial Life survey finds that employees at smaller businesses understand their benefits "very well" and are more confident because of the commitment to personalized benefits education.