Don’t spend your life wondering if you are called to the Priesthood or Religious Life.
Come Join us at Cordi-Marian Retreat Center

Life Awareness is a retreat event that provides time and space for single men and women to discern a vocation to the priesthood and consecrated life. The event brings participants together with Priests, Religious Brothers and Sisters for a weekend of lectures, group discussions, private consultations and prayer to help participants develop a realistic view of what it’s like to serve
God and the Church in today’s world.

Come join us at Cordi-Marian Retreat Center located at
11624 Culebra Rd. San Antonio, TX 78253

Ages 18-40
Registration Required
Here is what previous retreatants have said about Life Awareness:
"The talks were excellent."
"This really helped!"
"The Emmaus walk was very beneficial in my discernment this weekend."
"Very good organization, well structured.
"I loved it. This retreat opened a lot of doors for me and my heart."
"Excellent Retreat. Very informative and rewarding."
"Great job! Thanks be to God for this!!"
Please help us promote this retreat by posting the flyer in your parish,
and making announcements and invitations to your fellow parishioners. 

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On behalf of the Vocation Office and the Vocation Committee Group, thank you for your support with the Life Awareness Retreat.
In Christ,