The masters of the future are inspired by the work of masters from the past.

Tenryu-ji Garden

It's no question that one could find tranquility in the confines of this sprawling Japanese Zen temple. Located in the rural and scenic outskirts of Kyoto Japan, Tenryu-ji Temple has one of the finest gardens in the Arashiyama district with breath taking mountain views and borrowed scenery.


Tenryu-ji was constructed in the 1345 and still holds most of its original elements from over 650 years ago. This UNESCO World Heritage site is often one of the first stops for any Green Thumb exploring the region.   

The temple's main hall allows incredible views of the garden and accompanying ponds. Using Shakkei, the technique of incorporating background landscape into the composition of a garden, the temple's scenery allows the Arashiyama Mountains to feel like the gardens were placed there naturally. A group of large stones positioned on the western shore of The Sogenchi Pond suggests a mountainous island, mimicking the range surrounding the water feature while reflecting the Pine and Maple trees to the east. In a place with such a meditative atmosphere, you don't have to be a Zen monk to reach spiritual enlightenment.

Inspired by the natural forms of Tenryu-ji's works, Laughing Waters encourages our fellow landscape community to incorporate authentic natural aquatic environments into future landscape projects. Every Project should have a goal to create a harmonious aquatic environment that seamlessly integrates with its surroundings that will one day inspire a new generation of water feature designers and builders.

Laughing Waters Project Inspired by Tenryu-Ji

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