Praying Pelican Missions is100% sold out to the vision of encouraging, lifting up, and assisting the local church. One of the ways we do this is through mission trips!

This month we were able to resume our international mission trips with one trip in Mexico, and three trips in Costa Rica. I (Nate) was able to be on the ground in Costa Rica to visit with the first team of 2021. It was incredible to see the team from Myrtle Beach serving safely with love and compassion, alongside of the local church in Nambi.

I was able to meet with the pastor of Carolina Forest Community Church. He recounted the many people that they have been able to bring yearly (and for some people, multiple times in a year) and how their lives have been changed by coming to serve. By leaving their homes and comforts, and diving into serving a local church, they go home more on fire for the Lord, for serving, and for sharing the Gospel!

During the second week of trips in Costa Rica, the team was able to see how life change happens for people in the community because of a mission trip. Two years ago, a team from Luther Memorial Church went to serve in Siquirres, Costa Rica. They brought funds to purchase bags of groceries that they would pack up and distribute to community members. While out delivering the bags with members of the church, a woman named Marta put her faith in Jesus for the very first time! She was immediately connected to the church members and started attending the local church. Now, two years later, she took the next step of making her faith public by being baptized! This is why we serve, for the sake of one person!