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I am looking forward to being with many of the Leading Global Coaches in London on November 17, 2019. All of these great coaches were considered for the Thinkers50 Marshall Goldsmith Distinguished Award for Coaching, which will be presented on November 18 at the Thinkers50 Awards.

We will announce each coach on  LinkedIn  in the coming weeks before the event.

Congratulations to the Leading Global Coaches! #LeadingGlobalCoaches
Thinkers 50!
Thinkers 50 and I are proud to announce the nominees shortlisted for the Thinkers50 Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Award!
Thank you Denise Pirrotti Hummel for having me!
I n this episode, Building Trust and Collaboration to Advance Men and Women Through the Workplace , we discuss how women can advance in the workplace, the role of men in said advancement, and how organizations can benefit by making diversion and inclusion a priority.
Upcoming Value Coaching Event in early November in NYC with Sandy Ogg and the CEO.Works team!
Join HR leaders, finance experts and strategy partners of influential global businesses to learn and help shape the new work in Human Capital. Starting with Connecting Talent to Value and Value Coaching, you will learn a modern approach to managing your most critical roles.
In case you missed this weeks webinar..

Here's Dorie Clark, Alisa Cohn and I on How to Grow Your Coaching Business
A Big congratulations to Feyzi Fatehi for being named one of "The 30 Most Inspiring Business leaders, 2019"
Books I Love!

Defy Conventional Wisdom for Breakthrough Performance.

The traditional wisdom that molded leadership for years is losing its effectiveness in our chaotic, digitally overwhelmed world. In some cases, those principles you’ve always relied on may even be impeding your progress. Truth is, you can’t possibly seize unexpected opportunities or take full advantage of today’s innovations if you’re stuck using old patterns.

Sara offers a unique perspective that helps modern leaders break free from the chains of conventional wisdom and blaze new trails toward even greater success.
New Book "Sharkonomics 2" from Stefan Engeseth coming in November!

With digitalization, business is now as competitive as nature, where everyone is on the menu. There are no longer limitations in terms of countries, markets or segments. Digital sharks such as Amazon and Alibaba are moving across the globe towards anything that they can feed on. This increases the need for management to update itself in both attacking and defensive moves. In the book Sharkonomics 2, Stefan Engeseth shows how companies can create success through lessons learned from sharks.

The Intelligent Leader: Unlocking the 7 Secrets to Leading Others and Leaving Your Legacy by John Mattone has just been released!

I was honored to have written the foreword for John's most accessible and up-to-date expression of his work thus far!

A wonderful new book from my colleague and friend, Dr. J ulie Rosenberg !

In  Be True: A Personal Guide to Becoming Your Most Authentic Self Julie leads you on a journey toward a mindful and truly authentic life. Everyone wants to be authentic. But living an authentic life requires significant courage - courage to become self-aware, vulnerable, and not to accept the status quo. The book   helps each reader to define what living an authentic life means for himself or herself.
Some Great Articles!
A wonderful new article from Alisa Cohn!

Alisa highlights three principles related to the core skills of leadership as discusses in Dr. Mark Epstein's new book, Advice Not Given: A Guide to Getting Over Yourself.

"I have the privilege of meeting, training, and coaching hundreds of business leaders and HR professionals every year through the  University of Michigan RBL HR , and other assignments. In these interactions, I am constantly “listening” for what’s next for these leaders personally and for the value they will deliver to their organization," says Dave.

Check out the full article read Dave's four suggestions to help with tough career choices.
Congratulations to Dr. Beverly Kaye on winning a Lifetime Achievement Award from The Institute for Management Studies (IMS) for her work in employee engagement and career development! It is only the third time IMS has given this award!

"Dr. Beverly Kaye’s contributions have not only positively influenced clients and industry colleagues but have facilitated respect for the learning and performance industry overall," said an IMS representative at a recent press release.
I loved my interview with Vanessa Thompson!
“Today, we have a great opportunity to build community based on our values instead of our geography.” – Vanessa Thompson

What are the challenges and opportunities of creating communities in today’s technologically connected world? #1 Generation Z data scientist and UC Berkeley environmental economist, Vanessa Thompson and New York TImes best-selling author Marshall Goldsmith give us their thoughts.

Check out her Forbes interview here.
Watch my 30 minute keynote speech from David Allen’s GTD Summit in Amsterdam!

In 2001 David Allen published the New York Times best selling book 'Getting Things Done' - since that time GTD® has grown into a global productivity movement that's more than 2 million people strong, attracting some of the best, brightest, and busiest people on the planet. David always had the dream of bringing this vast community together.
I hope that you enjoyed the Life Is Good update, and that it is helpful to you!