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The heat is on in Texas 
And the abortion industry is sweating

Karen Garnett, CPLC Executive Director

I write to you today with joy in my heart as we are experiencing victories for life of which only Our Lord and Savior could be the Author!  First, we celebrated a successful legislative session as several policy goals of our Texas Bishops were met, including the passage of major pro-life protections... We are so grateful to all who participated in this year's Catholic Faith in Action Advocacy Day in Austin, and the many who made calls and prayed from home. It makes a difference. Second, on June 9, the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals issued the long-awaited opinion upholding omnibus pro-life bill HB 2Continue reading

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On the road to victory
Bishop Farrell leads 2015 Roe Memorial Events

On January 17, 2015, thousands of North Texans joined in prayer to remember the over 56 million lives lost to abortion and to march "On the Road to Victory!" in recognition and celebration of the many recent successes for the cause of life. Although there have been incredible legal advances for the culture of life, Bishop Farrell reminds us that "it is Christ's incarnation and victory over the cross that most inspire and compel us on this road to defend the sanctity of His most precious gift to us - LIFE, both on earth and eternal!" 


Annabelle's Army on the Road to Victory
Annabelle's Army leading North Texas March for Life -- more pictures here
Bearing witness to loss
Support for those suffering from the loss of a child.


"Our witness to life must address the pain and grieving experienced by those who have lost a child. Just as we recognize the humanity of the unborn child lost to abortion, we must acknowledge equally the unborn child lost to miscarriage. ... As members of the body of Christ, the Church, we are called to bear witness to the loss of every life, no matter how brief or small." Life Issues Forum: Loving Parents After Miscarriage (USCCB)  


Miscarriage Recovery:
Healing after abortion:  

Inaugural Remembrance Mass for Children August 15-2015

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Celebrating life
The 22nd Annual Bishop's Pro-Life Dinner

Special thanks to you who made the Bishop's Pro-Life Dinner a spectacular event to ensure the life-saving impact of our ministries this year. The evening sparkled with inspiring testimonials, beautiful music, and the joyful gathering of nearly 2,000 members of the North Texas pro-life community. Click here to view pictures, CPLC 2015 ministry video and more!

Pro-Life Persons of the Year -- The Roos Family
-- with Bishop Doug Deshotel
In her words
Sidewalk counseling intern shares her experience

It's 6:30 a.m. on Thursday morning, and the sound of my alarm clock snaps me out of my dream and into reality. For many college students, this reality would mean suiting up for an internship at an office, or volunteering at a summer camp, or perhaps helping their parents with the family business.  This summer, though, the reality God awakens me to each morning is the reality that children will die, women will be hurt, and families torn apart at the abortion facility just miles away from my beautiful SMU campus. Continue reading  

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