Life Science Cares Community, 
We at Life Science Cares are deeply disturbed by the recent incidents in Minneapolis, Louisville, Georgia and New York City and the resulting violent responses that have occurred across the United States and elsewhere. We are keenly aware of the impact racism, inequality and injustice have on our society. 
These incidents, combined with data highlighting COVID-19’s disproportionate impact on minority communities, point to a deep disparity in communities across the nation, including Boston and Philadelphia.
Life Science Cares condemns racism, violence and other acts of injustice, as they stand in stark contrast to our strong belief in diversity, inclusion and respect for others. We stand with our nonprofit partners and all those in our community fighting these issues and will continue to support their critical work.
Making a statement condemning these acts is easy; the hard work of creating a more just society falls on each of us, every day. We will continue our push for communities that work for everyone and ask our colleagues in the life science industry to stand alongside us.
We welcome your ideas and questions on how we work together toward a better future.
Sarah MacDonald
Executive Director                                  
Life Science Cares Boston                    
Pete Wolf
Executive Director
Life Science Cares Philadelphia