Special Edition
 Life Science Nation Newsletter  | November 21st, 2018   |  Issue 293

  Life Science
Investor Mandates
(Nov. 15 - Nov. 20 )
Life Science Nation Wishes You A Happy Thanksgiving

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, Life Science Nation;  Creator of RESI Conference Series

After a busy few weeks including our second RESI NYC event and many preparations for RESI San Francisco, the LSN team is getting ready to head home for Thanksgiving. We are thankful for our partners, supporters, and all who have played a part in the RESI and LSN ecosystem this year, from the youngest startups to the most venerable investment houses. We hope that you have made good connections this year that will help move your enterprise toward success.

After the Thanksgiving break, LSN will be heading full steam ahead toward RESI San Francisco on January 8th, and we are looking forward to seeing so many of you there for our largest annual gathering of early stage life science companies and investors. For now, we would like to offer you a glimpse of who you could meet at RESI. See below for featured RESI participant investors, and additionally, we would like to offer 10 of our latest investor mandates from all over the world. All these investors are looking for early stage startups to connect with, and if one of them is a potential match for you, please get in touch.

  Life Science
Investor Mandates
(Nov. 15 - Nov. 20 )
Invests $5-30M in Healthcare Investment Opportunities
Invests Up to $15M Over the Lifetime in Companies Developing Innovative Technologies in Life Sciences
Invests Broadly in Technology-Enhanced Companies, Mostly in the Digital Health Space
Invests in Early-Stage Technologies that Target Age-Related Disease and Damages Associated with Aging
Seeks Global Investment Opportunities in Therapeutics, Medical Devices, and Life Science Tools
Seeks to Invest in Digital Health and Therapeutics Companies in Oncology & Infectious Diseases
Invests in Early- to Late-Stage Therapeutics and Diagnostics with Strongest Interest in Alzheimer's Disease
Seeks to Partner with Early-Stage Therapeutic Assets in Oncology, Rare Diseases, and CNS that Address High Unmet Medical Need
Seeks New Investment Opportunities in Broad Life Sciences, with Strong Interests in Cardiovascular, Oncology, Neurology Indications
Invests Up to $10M in Novel Life Science Technologies with Special Interests in Platform Therapeutics and Digital Health


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