Life Science Nation Newsletter | April 19, 2018 | Issue 262

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Special Edition
RESI Innovation Challenge
Life Science Investor Mandates (Apr. 12 - Apr. 18 )
Seeks Investment and In-Licensing Opportunities in Cell & Gene Therapies, Invests Up to $10M
Invests in Early-Stage Therapeutics and Platform Technologies in a Wide Range of Indications, Including CNS
Looking for Data and Software-Based Healthcare Technologies
Seeks to Invest Early-Stage Medical Device, Diagnostics, and Digital Health Companies
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By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, Life Science Nation; Creator of RESI Conference Series

Life Science Nation's Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) conference series is unique in several ways:
  • The Innovation Challenge that takes place at every RESI conference is a huge hit with early stage global investors seeking firms that align with their investment mandates. LSN developed an expert system that facilitates the quick scoring and ranking of all of the companies and their technology assets that apply to get into the Innovation Challenge. A typical RESI conference gets over 100+ applications and LSN vets and ranks the top 30 applicants.
  • RESI is held every few months at major innovation hubs and gives both fundraising CEOs, early-stage investor/partners and service providers a capability to use RESI as part of their ongoing yearly business and partnering activities. Scientist/entrepreneurs can weave themselves into the RESI conference series and dramatically increase face time with prime partnering targets. The ability to carry on a dialogue every few months greatly aids in transmitting the latest information and cultivating the relationships.
  • RESI is one of the very few healthcare conferences that is cross-domain, in that it features Biotech, Medtech, Diagnostics and Digital Health. Many investors have multiple investment mandates covering multiple silos in the life science arena.
  • RESI is primarily a powerful partnering conference using a unique profile-based partnering system that will have up to 1400 meetings between buyers and sellers in one day...
By Chris Cummings, Senior Marketing Manager, LSN

The RESI Conference offers a unique platform for scientist-entrepreneurs to meet investors. For selected companies competing in the RESI Innovation Challenge, the platform expands exponentially. Participating in the Challenge opens a new universe of potential meeting opportunities, well beyond the 16 time slots available in Partnering.

The objective of most fundraising companies attending RESI is to maximize the number of investor meetings they obtain; playing the numbers game gives an entrepreneur the best shot at closing an investment deal. LSN designed the Innovation Challenge with this concept in mind. Utilizing a poster presentation format that encourages one-on-one interactions, as opposed to simply sending companies on stage to pitch to a disengaged audience, entrepreneurs can dramatically increase the number of meaningful investor relationships they build...

Yasaman Soudagar
An interview with
Yasaman Soudagar,
Founder & CEO, Neurescence

- By  Greg Mannix
VP of International BD, LSN
Greg Mannix

Interview with Yasaman Soudagar: This year's winner of the Innovation Challenge at RESI on MaRS was Neurescence, a Toronto-based company that has combined the power of novel optical imaging technology with advanced machine learning and quantum machine learning techniques for intelligent drug discovery for the diseases of the central nervous system.

CEO Yasaman Soudagar got a late start preparing for RESI, since she didn't decide to attend until about 10 days before the conference, when she was informed that she would compete as a finalist in the Innovation Challenge. So I wanted to ask her how she managed to have such a successful conference, not to mention winning the Innovation Challenge, on such short notice.

Greg MannixYasaman, you attended RESI alone, How did you get so many players to "invest" their RESI dollars in Neurescence and win the IC? Did you spend the whole day at your poster?

Yasaman Soudagar: Actually no! I moved around and looked for the places where the most people seemed to be hanging out, and I brought a tablet around so I could show them what our technology does, in a video of the actual imaging we do...

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