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Volume 3

Issue 45


Greensboro Housing Authority is committed to helping our residents build life success. We are also committed to sharing opportunities that may contribute to furthering life success. Scroll down to see opportunities through GHA and our partners!

Please take a look at the previous issues of Life Success Opportunities Emails.

Some of the opportunities featured may still be relevant.

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Family Self-Sufficiency Program

The Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS) is a voluntary program for households enrolled in Public Housing, Housing Choice Voucher, and Project-Based Voucher programs to help them increase their earnings and build financial capability and assets.

If you are interested in joining the Family Self-Sufficiency program, please click the image above.

Please watch this video for a brief explanation of the Family Self-Sufficiency Program.

What is Family Self-Sufficiency? A video introduction.
Program Interest Form

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If you are a renter and in need of rental and/or utility assistance, the following agencies may be able to assist you. 

  • Guilford County Department of Social Services
  • Energy Assistance Program – (heating/cooling and water assistance) 336-641-3000
  • Apply online here
  • Greensboro Urban Ministry (utility assistance: water, power, and gas)
  • Greensboro residents only - 336-271-5959
  • United Way 211
  • Faith Action International House
  • (Refugee Rental Assistance program) - 336-379-0037
  • Welfare Reform Liaison Project (WRLP)
  • (housing expenses/utilities) – 336-691-5780

Anyday is a full-day program typically done in schools but we are opening up the opportunity for any student in our community to attend – for FREE! 

Anyday is comprised of student-centered activities that guide participants in developing a new awareness of themselves and their role in inter-group relations. The goal is to help raise student awareness of issues that may affect them and their peers, to challenge their thinking on these matters, and to change how students act as it relates to building relationships with others. 

The program will occur on Saturday, December 2nd from 10:00am-4:30pm on the Guilford College campus. Encourage young people to register soon! There are only 40 spots open and registration is going fast. 

Students can register here: 


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Food for Oil at all Thomas Tire Automotive Locations

North Carolina will soon provide coverage to more people through Medicaid. You may be able to get Medicaid even if you didn’t qualify before.

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Each household may receive FOUR FREE at-⁠home COVID-19 tests this fall.

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Community COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics
Cone Health is offering a series of mobile COVID-19 vaccine clinics throughout our communities.

VACCINES ARE FREE. No ID Required. Appointments are strongly encouraged.

Please wear a mask, plan to remain socially distanced, and wear loose clothing.

What To Expect
  • Wait time of 15 minutes after vaccination or 30 minutes with prior history of vaccination reactions.
  • Common side effects: pain and swelling at the injection site, fever, chills, tiredness, and headaches
  • For Pfizer and Moderna clinics, you will receive an appointment date for your second shot

IMPORTANT: Pfizer clinics are for ages 12+. All other vaccine types are 18+.
 To register, click the link on the button below or call 336-890-1188.
Find a Clinic Here!

“Integrity is the choice between what's convenient and what's right.“

— Tony Dungy

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