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LIFE AS IT SHOULD BE LIVED! is the driving force behind HeroPath initiatives world-wide. See HeroPath's new New Zealand Summer camp (below).

IN THE UK, the first step on that journey is available over just one weekend in the glorious setting of beautiful rural Hertfordshire. No Parents, No School - just fun, with a real purpose to propel your teenager into a better place, more quickly, at this critical stage of their lives.

Friday, February 28th- March 2nd
Places on our next workshop are already filling up!  

We know that every parent has an individual reason for signing their teenager up to this weekend, to help them stay centred and find their own inner strength.  Why not talk to Des Barry about your teenager's individual needs.
HeroPath in the UK is a one-weekend event that gives teenagers strength to stay focused and feel able to thrive, whatever is going on around them.

  Miles ahead in giving your teenager lifelong confidence to stand out and be their best.

HEROPATH FOR TEENS creates experiences with legitimate life-long value to help your teenager face and surmount any obstacle that comes their way. It offers a radically different, skill-building opportunity for young people to clearly identify their life direction and advance confidently towards meeting key life goals.

Group size on our Workshop for Success is limited as is Jeff's availability in the UK.  Give your teen the chance to take on the significant challenges in their lives.

If you're looking for something bigger (and further afield) try NZ for the Summer!

email: or talk to Des Barry on
01923 267 107