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January 17, 2018
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Upcoming Sunday Readings
A Word from Father Vince
Christine's Kitchen, January 19
SPY Spaghetti Dinner, January 19
Sunday School
Planning for the Future, Part II, January 20
Parish Annual Meeting, Sunday, 1/27
125th Anniversary Brunch to be held on Sunday, April 28
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Upcoming Sunday Readings 
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Sunday, January 20, is Second Sunday after the Epiphany.
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A Word from Fr. Vince
How you know that Jesus has been shopping....

"The REAL Miracle at Cana"

Friends, we'll hear a very familiar Gospel story this weekend. It's popular at weddings and it's become a larger-than-life miracle story. As spiritual and sophisticated as we are, we sometimes lose sight of the more important part of this iconic story. As a Harry Potter fan, I love the world of magic and Wizards and Muggles. However, what is most true and timeless in those stories by JK Rowling is the application of the magic to real life. 

Don't be deterred by the impending snow storm. Come and hear from our Pastoral Assistant Vince Corso talk about how the Real Miracle at Cana can happen every day in our own home.

Christine's Kitchen, January 19


Christine's Kitchen

The cold weather is here and our friends at Christine's Kitchen are in need of a hot meal. On Saturday, January 19th, we'll be serving lunch to 60-80 men, women, and children. Please consider donating food or volunteering 1-2 hours of your time to help make this meal a delicious one!

If you'd like to donate food items, look for the sign-up sheet at the back of the church on Sunday, January 13th or contact Jennifer Vonderahe at

Dinner rolls, bananas, large bottles of juice, and desserts are a few of the food items our hungry friends enjoy.

Thank you for your consideration!
SPY Spaghetti Dinner, January 19

Sunday School

Sunday School
It is a new year with important lessons being taught in Sunday School. This is not only a time when children learn stories from the bible, but they also learn to THINK about their faith through discussion, "wondering" questions and even through crafts.

The children also build relationships with one another and God that carry them through Communion Class, Confirmation Class and SPY.  They become friends, but also a support system.   My 20-year-old is still getting together with his SPY friends when home from college. Other members of SPY have shared how much they love having this different group of friends outside of their school circles.

Like everything else in life, the more you put in...the more you get out.  If you have any questions about Sunday School or children's programming at St. Peter's please give me a call.  I love talking about it :)

Faith & Peace,
Dana Leach

Planning for the Future, Part II
Five Wishes Program offered January 20


On Sunday, January 20 th after the 10 AM service, the St. Peter's  Health and Healing Ministry will present the second part of our planning for the future with The Five Wishes.

  • The Person I Want To Make Care Decisions for Me When I Can't
  • The Kind of Medical Treatment I Want or Don't Want
  • How Comfortable I Want to Be
  • How I Want People to Treat Me
  • What I Want My Loved Ones to Know
There are many things in life that are out of our hands. The Five Wishes document which will be provided at this workshop gives you a way to control something very important--how you are treated if you get seriously ill. It is an easy-to-complete form that lets you say exactly what you want. Once it is filled out and properly signed, it is valid under the laws of most states.

Please come to plan for your future in the undercroft after the 10 am service.  Any questions, please call or email Rev. Susan Negrotto (201-637-2962,

Parish Annual Meeting, January 27


On Sunday, January 27 th after the 10 AM service, St. Peter's will hold our Parish Annual Meeting. Please join us to learn more about the state of our ministries, finances, and elect Vestry members and our new Warden. 

Celebrate Our 125th Anniversary with
a Brunch Celebration on April 28!

All are welcome to our special "125th St. Peter's Birthday Party" being held at the Essex Fells Country Club on  Sunday, April 28th, 2019.  The brunch will begin at 11:30, so come right over after the 10 AM St. Peters Church Celebration Service!  

The cost is $36 for adults and $17.95 for children 12 and under. We will send out invitations to all parishioners in early March with an RSVP date of April 19th. We are excited to honor and celebrate this great parish of St. Peters and look forward to seeing you there. Please save the date now, as we'd love to have everyone who is part of St. Peter's attend.

If you have any questions, or would like to reserve your place now, please reach out to Pam Bayard at .   

Happy 125th Anniversary to all of us!
Pam Bayard

You are invited to view our website! 

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