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June 9, 2017
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Sunday School
Street Fair is ALMOST HERE!
Violin Recital, Sunday, 6/11
Bishop's Visit Coming Up on Sunday, 6/18
An Invitation to Celebrate with Fr. Anthony on Saturday, June 17
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Upcoming Sunday Readings 
You can look ahead at the readings for this Sunday by connecting to the Lectionary Page.
This Sunday, June 11, is Trinity Sunday.
Our Staff
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A Message from Our Interim Rector

"A Divine Trinity? No Surprise!"

Why would God be any simpler or less mysterious than the universe God has made? If you think "one in three and three in one" sounds unreasonable, consider the light itself, which manifests as either a wave or a particle, depending on the observer. Wave, particle and something mysterious which is neither: three in one!  

Not only that: it takes 8.5 minutes for a photon to travel from the Sun to the earth at the speed of light, but from the photon's perspective, the trip is timeless. The photon manifests in time and in timelessness! And God should be simple to understand? But we don't have to understand light perfectly to receive its life-giving power, nor can our minds fully grasp the multi-dimensional Love that flows from God the Source (Father), God the shaper and redeemer (Son), and God the life-energizer (Spirit).

This is the life-force that flows through all things in time, but wells up from an inexhaustible Eternity. 

Coming in June

Trinity Sunday, June 11
Sunday School Recognition and Family Church at  10 am: Our final Family Church of this season features a chance to recognize our devoted  Sunday School Staff.  Sunday School resumes on  September 10.  Today is also the last Wee Believers' service at  9 am in the Chapel. 

Two Special Events Last Weekend

David St. George visits:
On Saturday, June 3, The Rev. David St. George, former Rector (1972-1991) traveled from Connecticut to officiate at the funeral of Charles "Chick" Conner, a life-long friend he had known from youth up. He spoke movingly of his faith in the resurrection. Our outreach fund is named in honor of him.

Dedication of Lost Coin Window in Honor of Mother Stephanie: 
The next day, on Sunday, June 4, The Rev. Stephanie Wethered and her family were on hand for the dedication of the window in honor of her ministry as Rector (2005-15). The church was filled with friends from the Diocese and parishioners. The window can be seen in the Vestry (Clergy Vestry Room) near the rear entrance to the church. 

A replica of the window on a Christmas ornament is now available for order. Proceeds will be divided between the parish and a purse for Mother Stephanie. 

Sunday School
Family Church
This Sunday is our last Family Church of the program year :(  It is going to be a great one, however, with our Junior SPY taking over! Come support them and enjoy what will be a special service.

Sunday School Teacher Appreciation
Also, come on the 11th to thank and support our wonderful teachers this year! We as a parish are so blessed to have these dedicated individuals among us and I am forever grateful to them!!

PreK-K: Jennifer Jackson, Serena Watkinson and Michelle Spell (greeters - Emily Blake, Katie Butler & Emma Veffer)
1st-3rd grade: Dana Leach, Sarah Blake & Emily Blake (greeters Sarah Blake & Katie Butler)
4th-6th grade: Jasmine Barbour, Mary Beth Weber, Sarah Latson and Christina Doyle

With Faith & Love,
Dana Leach
Street Fair is Coming!!
Street Fair - June 9th & 10th!

The St. Peter's Street Fair is  this Friday and  Saturday from  5:30-9:30. It is going to be FANTASTIC! We had so much help setting up! And almost everything is staffed ( still could REALLY use some help on Friday night if you are free).

Come eat chicken & strawberry shortcake, listen to music, break china, watch the children zoom around in cars, shoot a Nerf gun, win a goldfish (or two), exhaust your children in the inflatables, eat a hamburger and some watermelon, buy a book, win an AMAZING prize at the Tricky Tray...  

If you can lend us some time to help during the Fair, please let Dana Leach know ( or 973-364-7544).

Break-Down :(
Once it is all over we need to take it all down. Sad, isn't it? PLEASE all come to church on the 11th in your work clothes and stay afterwards to help with taking down and putting away the Fair until next year. It takes MANY hands to make it go quickly. Reach out to Ed Kamper if you can help ( or 973-228-3945).

Thank you so much to those who have donated time, baskets, books, food...  We can not express in words the extent of our gratitude to all!!

God Bless St. Peter's!

Violin Recital, June 11

Saint Peter's Music Ministry
A Violin Recital
Sunday, June 11, 2017 at 6:30 pm
In the sanctuary
Free admission
Please join us for an evening of music on June 11, 2017 at 6:30 pm. Maia Schmidt, a young violinist from Caldwell, NJ, will be giving a solo recital alongside pianist Michael Wittenburg. She will be performing works by Franck, Schubert, Kroll, Vivaldi, and Saint-Saens.

Maia has won prestigious awards such as American Protege and NLPA Showcase competitions. Last year, she had her New York City solo recital debut as a part of the 92Y Young Concert Artists Series and recently performed as soloist with the Washington Heights Chamber Orchestra. She plans to continue her musical studies in college at the Manhattan School of Music in the fall.

Bishop Beckwith's Visitation at all Services
June 18

Our Diocesan Bishop will be with us to preach, celebrate Communion, lead us in a renewal of our baptismal vows, and lead a Bishop's Forum during a special Coffee Hour in the Undercroft after the  10 am service.
We are all asked ponder this question: 
"What part do you feel you play in God's mission in the world? 
What are some of the ways you serve God's purposes?"

The Vestry will then meet with the Bishop for lunch to discuss how we see St. Peter's serving God's purposes in our communities. 

Father Anthony's Institution on June 17
VBS Craft Night, Monday, 6/19

We will hold HERO CENTRAL VBS on August 7-11!

Thanks to those who came to our craft and decorating night last week. Our next volunteer opportunity is coming up in June!

Join us Monday, June 19 at 7:30 in the Upper Room for a Craft & Decorating Night!

Registration has opened and is filling up quickly! If you would like to have your child join us, please fill out the registration form and return it to the church office soon.
Coffee Hour: Mutual Give and Take in Action

Mutuality is at the heart of Christian practice, and the heart-beat of Saint Peter's is mutual support: some prepare the altar for the rest of us, others read so we may hear. Some take flowers to the sick and shut-in, others greet us warmly as we enter for worship. Church School teachers educate children from any family of the parish and OpShop Volunteers touch the lives of people in the larger community. 

Likewise, our after-service coffee hours are a kind of "rotating pot-luck" offering of members to members: each week a different family hosts the coffee hour for all who come. The rules are simple (and posted in the Upper Room): make the coffee (easy), bring some goodies (doesn't have to be fancy!), and tidy up the space when finished. You are invited to "join the mutuality" by signing up for hosting one week this season. The sign up sheet is on the bulletin board in the Upper Room. 

Help us help make Saint Peter's
a welcoming space for all! 
The OpShop

Our regular hours are
Thursday, 1 - 4 pm
Saturday, 10am - 2pm

We will be closed June 10,
reopening on June 15.

Stay tuned for our Summer Sale Days!

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Thank you for your generosity! 

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Pastoral Counseling

Our Pastoral Assistant, Vince Corso, is available to Saint Peter's parishioners for advice and counseling--especially around issues of grief and loss.

If additional counseling is desired, you may engage with him through his private practice.

compassion identity

Piano Lessons


John Pivarnik is currently offering piano lessons for beginners through adults, with or without prior musical training.  


Please contact John at 973-377-9068 or  by e-mail for scheduling and more details.


Voice Lessons


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