September 2021
Hi, there!   

I am very happy to inform you that my art studio/gallery, Don Woodard Artworks, is moving and sharing space with a new art gallery located in Broomfield, CO called Life in the West Art Gallery. The address for the new gallery is 555 Alter St., Broomfield, CO 80020. This space is located one block west of U.S. Hwy 287, and a half-block south of 6th Ave. in northwest Broomfield. The website for the new gallery will be, which is currently under construction. The new gallery will open for business on November 1, 2021.
In addition to an enlarged gallery area, I will also have a larger studio space to create my Fine Art in Wood. The gallery will feature artwork created by both nationally acclaimed artists and local artists. Subject matters will include: wildlife, western themes, and landscapes. Styles will vary from traditional to contemporary…and you can expect a few surprises as well!

Original works of art and reproductions will be available, providing you a wide range of price points to fit every budget. The gallery will be hosting special events which are currently being planned. Of course, we are watching the pandemic situation closely, and our plans may need to be adjusted to help keep everyone safe.

The move to the new gallery will take place in the last couple of weeks in September; the new gallery will hopefully have a Grand Opening in November. Don Woodard Artworks will be closed for visitation from September 20th through November 1. If you have any questions, you may reach me at or on my cell phone at 720-217-2019. The new gallery’s phone number will be 303-430-1986.

September 9 - 12, 2021, you will find my Fine Art in Wood artwork on display at this prestigious, juried art event in Jackson Hole, WY. 
The show features Functional Art which is very interesting and ranges from furniture, accents, fashion, jewelry, interior design, and all one-of-a-kind artworks. The artistic skills on display are very impressive, and it's a show you may not want to miss! Check out the show website at
Hat & Clothes Rack
Teton Sunset Cocktail Table
Fighting Bulls Cowboy Hat Rack
Bull Moose Shelf System
Homeward Bound Lantern Holder
Branding Party Candle Holder
Portraits by Malaya
Currently, Malaya has two of her portraits on display at the Jones Gallery in Kansas City, MO. The two artworks are:
Commissioned Art
My latest commissioned piece is entitled Bison and is part of a miniature wildlife artwork series that measures 8"x8". If you are interested in commissioned artwork, contact me at
2021 Pack-Horse Trip
Two weeks ago, we returned from another adventure into the Rocky Mountains. Three other guys and myself ventured into the Flat Tops Wilderness and spent time trail-blazing across the top of the mountains.
Our destination was Deer Lake, which we eventually found, but were unable to reach. It was located far down in a valley and due to serious mountainous conditions, such as very steep, rocky terrain and very thick underbrush, and the fact that we had been in the saddle for over 7 hours, we chose to set camp at two unnamed lakes instead. Someday I hope to ride to Deer Lake but will come in from the other direction, which I had done many years ago.
The first day out, we had great weather and saw some beautiful country that not many people have ever seen. When on top of the Flat Tops, you can see pristine country for many miles. The second day, we had a few rain showers and two of the guys tried fishing the two lakes, but had no success…good thing we brought along plenty of food, which we hung in the trees at night.
That afternoon, we had visitors…probably the largest flock of sheep I have ever seen. They just kept coming and coming. That night after the sun had settled, we saw that the flock of sheep had bedded down all over the countryside. Then the rains came…it was literally a monsoon all night long. I became concerned because the next day we were going to have to ride out in the muddy, steep slopes, besides having to ride through the large flock of sheep, along with their large white guard dogs, who don’t care much for strangers.
When we woke up, the rains were still coming down, but not quite as hard. The amazing thing was, there was not a sheep to be found as far as you could see. They moved out during the night, during that monsoon.
We packed up and had to trailblaze our way back to the top of the Flat Tops. Once we reached the top of the canyon, I was aware of a “trail” that led over the mountain, which consisted of nothing more than a pile of rocks stacked up about a quarter-mile apart, across the Flat Tops. We found the trail markers and rode for most of the day in the rain. If nothing else, these trips do build character! I have to admit, after returning to Ripple Creek Lodge, taking a warm shower and sleeping in a comfortable bed sure felt good.
That’s it for now. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon.