Life is about two things. Possess them both and you are complete, at peace and experience true joy! Lack them and you are always searching and never arriving. Like a dog chasing its tail. What are they? They are character and relationships.
Character is the quality of the individual you become as measured by the life of Jesus Christ in and through you! That means we put away all resistance to an enlightened conscience and continually say yes to God and no to oneself.
Relationships are the fruit of a life lived out to honor God and others more than our selves. They actually become the measure of our character. So what is your relationship like with your spouse, your children and those you associate with on a regular basis. They are a litmus test of your true character.
You can possess everything else, houses, lands, cars, great wealth, fame, successful careers but if you lack character and relationships you are a broken person and are in need of the power of Christ living in and through you!
Blessings to you, 
Jim & Sally 

                                 Jesus the Water of Life!!