Seasonal Newsletter
September 25th 2020
Looking Ahead
Dear Seasonal Campers,

It's been wonderful to see our seasonal campers enjoying the season! Our entire team is still working to make this season safe and fun. This email will help seasonal campers know what to expect for the rest of the season and what's needed to be ready for season 2021.

End of Season 2020
We sent a newsletter to all seasonals on August 19th that announced the extension of season 2020 by two weeks; with a closing date of November 1st unless snow or freezing temperatures are forecasted, like last year. If that occurs we will have to shut down quickly. Our pipes cannot freeze and neither can your trailers'. We will keep a close eye on the weather and if the conditions require us to shut down we'll send out an alert on CampersApp and post on Facebook.

Separately, licensees must have an e-mail address on file that is checked regularly. If your e-mail has changed you must send your new e-mail address to by October 30th 2020. It is the responsibility of licensees to stay informed about pertinent license information and registration by opening and reading the emails we send.

PLEASE NOTE: If your email changes AFTER October 30th 2020 registration forms will not be sent to the new email address, they will be sent to the email address on file prior to October 30th 2020. Registering online as soon as the registration is sent will help you obtain your vehicle passes in a timely manner.

Fees, Deposit and Payment
2021 License Fees
Tier 1: $3075.00 Tier 2: $3050.00  Tier 3: $3025.00
(2021 site license fees are the same as 2020)

Seasonal campers with us before May 15, 2020, are getting a credit towards next year’s site license fees in the form of a reduced deposit for 2021.
Seasonals that are new to Fish Lake Beach this year and came after the beginning of the season will need to make a $400 deposit.

Deposits for Season 2021 were due September 13th 
We have a long and growing waitlist of families that want to become seasonal campers. Please get your deposit in as soon as possible or we will assume that you are not returning next season and your site will be available to rent.

License Fees Must be Paid in Full by April 15, 2021
We accept payments by mail. Mail personal checks or money orders to Fish Lake Beach 32223 N. US Hwy 12 Volo Illinois 60073. Credit card payments are accepted by calling 847-546-2228 and speaking with a staff member. A 3% surcharge applies to credit card payments.

We thank seasonals that pay in full by April 15th 2021 with 10 Guest Passes.

For those that are able to pay in full by February 1st 2021 we offer a $25 reduction.

Please feel free to contact us at 847-546-2228 or at with any questions or concerns. 

Thank you,

YC, Randy, Desiree, Christi & The Fish Lake Staff
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