Seasonal Newsletter
January 2021
Counting Down to Season 2021
Dear Seasonal Campers,
Brrr…it’s cold outside! 

Are you thinking about spring and warmer temperatures like we are? Well, here’s great news, Season 2021 will be here before you know it--we are less than 100 days before opening!

This letter highlights some things related to registration and a few particularly important policy changes. It’s just the beginning of our process to communicate and help you get registered before the season begins. One reason for the delay in sending the registration forms is that we have been working hard to cut out the steps that were repetitive. You will like our simpler registration forms, but as simple as it looks, please read the instructions as the requirements are the same, but in an easier format. Now to get down to business!
Registration forms will be emailed to one licensee before February 1st. The registration process will be similar to last year.
It consists of the following: DocuSign to collect registration information and the use of our email address to collect drivers’ licenses, vehicle registrations and trailer insurance. This online method of registering helps us minimize in-person contact and yet allows our seasonal campers to be ready when we open for the season. (Using email to collect drivers’ licenses, vehicle registration and trailer insurance allowed us to have fewer fields to fill out in registration forms. :)
If you need help with any part of the registration process, please call 847-546-2228 or email us at More information about registration is on this link.
The seasonal license fees for 2021 are the same as 2020. Don’t forget that by paying in full by February 1st, there is a $25 savings!
Covid-19 is still very present in our world and no one knows when or if the restrictions mandated by the state will be lifted or added to.  Because of this everchanging situation, Fish Lake Beach will continue to make every effort to adjust and adapt to be as safe as possible.  However, any restrictions, limitations, or adjustments to the 2021 season brought on by government mandate that impacts activities, the use of facilities, the length of season or otherwise will not result in a refund or credit.
Updates to Policies, Rules, Procedures
The Seasonal License Handbook 2021 is included in the DocuSign version of the registration forms; please download and review it carefully for updates to policies, rules and procedures.

Important Policy Changes
Motorized Personal Vehicles
Last year we repeatedly witnessed unsafe practices by adults and children using various motorized modes of transportation to drive around. Examples of the dangerous practices we witnessed were speeding, driving on the wrong side of the road, failure to stop at stop signs, driving without wearing a protective helmet, speeding down the hills with the inability to stop, inexperienced riders and riding past dusk.  Our mission is to promote the safest environment possible, so because of this we will prohibit the use of these types of motorized personal vehicles: ATVS/UTVS, NEVS, Go Karts, motorized scooters, motorized bicycles, mini-bikes, Segways, hoverboards, utility vehicles, slingshot trikes, dune buggies.  *Personal mobility devices used by persons with disabilities are allowed. * Ride-on motorized vehicles for small children with parent supervision-away from high traffic areas are allowed.
Golf Carts
After significant thought and consideration, Fish Lake Beach has decided against allowing golf carts for general use by seasonal campers this season. 
Some of the concerns that led us to this decision include pedestrian safety, enforcement of the rules, loss of privacy for seasonals on their campsites as more golf cart owners take a drive through the park, the possible taxing of the electric grid to charge golf carts, and concerns for available additional parking. 
We’ll continue to allow golf cart permits for seasonal campers that need them due to disabilities. Beginning in 2021 we will require a state issued proof of disability placard or disability license plate to obtain a golf cart permit. Seasonal campers that were granted a golf cart permit prior to 2021 will be grandfathered in and simply need to complete Golf Cart Permit Form, provide us with a copy of the golf cart insurance and payment of the new $50 permit fee. The detailed golf cart rules are in the Golf Cart Permit form and the Seasonal License Handbook 2021.  

Lastly for now
We want to take a moment to express how much we appreciate your patronage and patience. All your kind notes, cards and comments on our seasonal Facebook page, and acts of kindness have warmed our hearts. Words cannot describe how much it has helped us and our dedicated staff get through 2020. It means the world to us that you continue to trust and support our attempts to balance safety and recreational experiences. We realize this letter will stimulate more questions. Rest assured; we will continue to communicate our plans and look forward to our 82nd season with you!

Thank you for working with us!
YC, Randy, Desiree, Christi & The Fish Lake Staff
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