Seasonal Newsletter
January 14th 2022
Registration Information & Instructions
Hello Seasonal Campers!

For those receiving this email that are NEW to Fish Lake Beach, registration is the process we use to collect Licensee(s) signatures and update the Licensee(s) and passholder information for the new seasons’ site license. Registration occurs annually, prior to the start of the season. The registration forms will be emailed by JANUARY 19TH 2022.

Licensee(s) that don’t have access to a laptop or desktop computer to use for registration MUST contact Fish Lake Beach prior to April 15.  The registration forms cannot be filled out successfully on a cell phone. Admission to Fish Lake Beach property is restricted until the registration process is complete.

The registration process consists of THREE PARTS: the completion of registration forms, sending supporting documentation and payment of the site license plus any outstanding balance. The breakdown of each part is explained below:

The FIRST PART of registration is registration forms. Fish Lake Beach uses DocuSign to create the new seasons site license in a way that is legal, legible, digitally secure and cannot be altered.  Registration forms must be filled out using a computer or tablet. Registration forms consist of:
·  Permit and License Agreement
·  2022 Seasonal License Handbook
· License Application
·  Golf Cart Permit***if pre- approved***
·  COVID-19 Waiver
·  Unmarried Children 25 or Under that Reside At The Licensee(s) Home

The combined information on the completed registration forms and supporting documentation is used to prepare Vehicle Passes.

The SECOND PART of registration is supporting documentation. Send a copy of the supporting documents below to with the site number in the subject line. Each must be readable, in full and not folded or cut off.
1. Insurance Policy for the RV/unit
2. Insurance Policy for the Golf Cart (***if applicable)
3. Unit Title* (If Unit Title is on file don’t send another copy*)
4. Drivers License of each individual on these forms:
·       License Application
·       Unmarried Children or Under 25 That Reside At The Licensee(s) Home
5. Vehicle Registration of the cars for each individual on these forms: 
·       License Application
·       Unmarried Children 25 or Under That Reside At The Licensee(s) Home 

To help make the registration process go smoothly for you, please fill out the forms carefully and keep track of what you send.

The THIRD PART of registration is payment.
· License fees are DUE IN FULL April 15, 2022
· A $25.00 reduction is offered for PAYMENT IN FULL by February 1, 2022. 
· PAY IN FULL by April 15, 2022 to receive 10 FREE Guest Passes.
· To request a statement with your outstanding balance send an email to
· Admission to the property will be restricted if Licensee(s) fails to pay in full by April 15, 2022.
To Make Payments Prior To April 15, 2022
o Mail checks or money orders to Fish Lake Beach 32223 N. US Hwy 12 Volo Illinois 60073, payable to Fish Lake Beach, with your site number in the memo.
o Make credit card payments by calling 847-546-2228. A 3% surcharge applies to credit card payments.
o A $25.00 service fee applies to each returned check and/or credit or debit card decline. 
o Do not communicate credit card information by voice mail or email.
 The registration forms are legally binding documents between the parties-fill them out completely and carefully follow instructions.
• Fill out the forms using a laptop or desktop computer. Using a cell phone will cause errors and void the registration forms packet.
• The Registration Forms are processed through 2 EMAILS of the forms to one email address on file. This allows us to collect signatures of seasonal campers that have TWO Licensees OR ONE Licensee. 
• The Primary Licensee must fill out the first email of the forms. Check everything before clicking FINISH-edits cannot be made after FINISH is clicked.
• Once FINISH is clicked, the forms will go to the same email address to allow the Secondary Licensee to sign, where required.
• If THERE IS NOT Secondary Licensee, the Primary Licensee MUST STILL open the 2nd email of the registration forms to complete them.

Obtaining Your Vehicle Passes 
Required to Obtain Vehicle Passes: Accurately completed registration forms, receipt of all supporting documentation and payment in full of all outstanding balances.
· An email notification will be sent to the address used for the Registration Forms with “your passes are ready!”  in the subject line when passes are ready for pick up at the Registration Office or Gatehouse.
· Notifications are not sent until we are closer to the opening date in April 2022. 
· We do NOT send passes of any kind via mail or any other carrier. 
 Additional Vehicle Passes
·To buy Additional Vehicle Passes send an email to with the quantity of passes needed and site number in the subject line.
·To obtain Additional Vehicle Pass(es) pay the invoice and provide a copy of the passholder’s drivers’ license sent to with the site number in the subject line.
Vehicle Pass Policies
·The Permit and License Agreement allows for one unit to occupy one site by one family. The Primary Licensee from that family must be named on the unit title. 
·If there IS A SECONDARY LICENSEE, that individual must reside at the same address as the Primary Licensee.
·If there IS NOT A SECONDARY LICENSEE, the Primary Licensee may complete the NON-LICENSEE, Vehicle Passholder* fields for a single Vehicle Pass at no charge.
 · Vehicle Pass(es) must be adhered to the drivers’ side, interior windshield of registered vehicle(s) by May 1st 2022. Do not use tape.
· A Vehicle Pass admits all individuals in a vehicle. Passes are non-transferrable.
· Licensee(s) are responsible for the conduct of their guests and passholders. 

We encourage you to print out this email to refer to as you are completing the registration process.

As always, if you have any questions, please email us at

Thank You.
Fish Lake Beach Camping Resort

YC, Randy, Desiree, Christi & Fish Lake Beach staff
For current and accurate seasonal camper information, look to the NEWS SECTION of the Fish Lake Beach website, our Facebook page and Seasonal Group page on Facebook.