Seasonal Newsletter
March 11, 2021
Be Ready for Season 2021
Hello, Seasonal Campers!

Thank goodness for melting snow and warmer temperatures. The enthusiasm for opening Fish Lake Beach is on the rise. At this time we're not ready to announce an official open date but we are able to share this good news.

On April 3rd the outer gates will be open for seasonal campers to check on their sites and begin site clean up. The water will not be on; no campfires or overnight stays will be permitted. There will be an attendant at the gatehouse. We'll post hours as soon as they are established.

We will be closed on Easter. For security purposes we are not allowing anyone to enter the property on Easter Sunday.

Our staff has been processing the registration for seasonals that have completed DocuSign, sent in supporting documents and making payments. If you have not began that process, please get started and completed as soon as possible.

MORE Good News! If you have never used DocuSign or need help filling out the registration forms please email Susan is here to help you with your questions. If you prefer her to call you, include your phone number in your email.

*The deadline for registration is March 31, 2021*
As of this date, only half of our seasonal campers have finished DocuSign and sent in supporting documents. Last year many seasonal campers waited until the last minute to register so we were flooded with registration activity. That caused delays, disappointment and stress for all. Expect it to take up to 2 weeks from the time you've finished registration for us to prepare your vehicle passes. We send out registration 1/29/21 to allow seasonals enough time to register so that you can get your vehicle passes when the season officially begins and start enjoying your happy place right away! :)

Important Reminders
1. Registration forms (DocuSign) MUST be completed online by March 31st 2021.
2. All supporting documents below must be sent to email address with the site number in the subject line. Each picture or scanned image or copy must be readable, in full and not folded or cut off.

  1. Drivers license of each individual on License Application AND Unmarried Children Under 25 That Reside At The Licensees Home FORMS
  2. Vehicle registration for each vehicle on License Application and Unmarried Children Under 25 That Reside At The Licensees Home FORMS
  3. Current Insurance Policy for the RV/unit
  4. Title** A copy of the original trailer title must be on file with Fish Lake Beach. If the unit title is not in the licensees name, the licensee must apply for a title change and bring OR EMAIL the updated title to the registration office. If the unit title is held by the bank we require a copy of the application for the trailer title.
Completed registration forms, supporting documentation and PAYMENT OF ALL outstanding balances ARE REQUIRED before vehicle passes are prepared.
Once your vehicle passes are ready an email will be sent to the primary licensee with the subject line: "your passes are ready!”.

 How the registration forms work
  • Docusign registraiton forms go to one email address for the primary licensee to fill out. Fill them out carefully-they cannot be edited once you click FINISH.

  • PLEASE fill out the forms according to the number of licensees you have.

  • The 2nd email of the forms NEEDS TO BE FINISHED AS FOLLOWS---

IF THERE IS A SECONDARY LICENSEE, they must sign the Permit and License Agreement, Covid-19 Waiver and Handbook and click FINISH to complete the forms
IF THERE IS NOT a SECONDARY LICENSEE use the check box shown on the 2nd email and click FINISH to complete the forms.
Payment in full is due by April 15th 2021. If you have questions about your outstanding balance, contact Fish Lake Beach using or call 847-546-2228. Mail personal checks or money orders to Fish Lake Beach 32223 N. US Hwy 12 Volo Illinois 60073 or call 847-546-2228 to make a credit card payment by phone. A 3% surcharge applies to credit card payments. Payment in full of all outstanding balances is required to obtain vehicle passes.

Licensees that pay in full by April 15th 2021 will receive 10 FREE Guest Passes.

How to buy Additional Vehicle Passes
To buy additional vehicle passes: Send an email to with the quantity of additional vehicle passes needed and the site number in the subject line. We will reply with an invoice for $75 per pass. To obtain the vehicle pass(es) the invoice must be paid in full and a copy of each passholder’s drivers license sent to with the site number in the subject line. 

Thanks to the collective and creative efforts of many, our 2021 Activity Schedule was published on our website, seasonal facebook page and emailed last week. 

Have a great season!

Thank You.
YC, Randy, Desiree, Christi & The Fish Lake Beach Staff
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