The V Channel
A nonprofit media initiative to promote the power of virtues
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VICE can inspire parents and kids to choose virtues. 

It's been said, "You never know what you're gonna get" in life. VICE Media and The V Channel can debunk the cliché by providing an online destination and social media network to engage and inform parents and kids about the consequences of choices, and to inspire them to be their very best by choosing virtues.

Virtues are always a good choice.    

ommon to people of all cultures, ethnicities and beliefs, virtues are the intrinsic goodness within every human being. When children (and grownups) understand virtues they activate an inner compass that guides them when choosing between right and wrong, or good from bad.

Assertiveness, Compassion, Confidence, Detachment, Determination, Excellence, Generosity, Honesty, Idealism, Justice, Moderation, Obedience, Patience, Peacefulness, Reliability, Respect, Responsibility, Self-Discipline, Tact, Tolerance, Trustworthiness, Truthfulness, Unity, Zeal and many more. 

Offering an assortment of idealism and realism with a mix of education and entertainment.

The V Channel is made up of a dedicated crew of idealistic parents, teachers, coaches and students who passionately believe in the power of virtues. Inspired by VICE Media's "immersionist", no-holds-barred brand of journalism, the 'V Crew' will explore the crucial issues and harsh realities facing youth today. We'll invite renowned educators, child psychologists, behavioral specialists, and character education advocates to share their stories, essays and testimonials on the practical benefits of teaching kids virtues.
Along with proven strategies for raising children, The V Channel will produce 'edutainment'---videos, cartoons, games, memes and snaps to inspire youth to overcome adversity, rise above negative influences, and be a 'good' person in an often negative, hostile and competitive world.
With the support of VICE Media , The V Channel can be the most authentic and interesting parenting advice platform available in the media today. Together, we can make a positive difference in the world by inspiring parents and kids to choose virtues.
VICE can inspire parents (and even fussy babies) to choose patience.
VICE can inspire kids to choose courage and say no to bullying.
Cartoons are funny, but real-life choices are serious. VICE can inspire kids to choose honesty.
VICE can inspire creativity so young people can leave a positive mark on the world.
Some teens party too much and lose their heads. VICE can inspire youth to choose self-discipline and moderation.
VICE can inspire youth to choose responsibility behind the wheel or in the back seat.
VICE can inspire minors to choose assertiveness to resist peer pressure and dangerous influences.
Because "Crest doesn't want to be next to severed heads."
--- Shane Smith  

By publishing The V Channel, VICE Media can partner with family-friendly brands and make a positive difference in young lives!
Scott Feraco
Founder and Creative Director

The V Channel is not affiliated with any religious or political organizations.