You as a Global Leader
" Be the change you want to see in the world."
~ Gandhi
Life is simply a maze of possibilities waiting for decisions. 

In this edition of You as a Global Leader, I am delighted to share the articles of two graduates from the Women Leaders for the World (WLW) program. Both had a vision for the world, identified possibilities   
and made decisions to bring their vision in the world.  

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Grab onto some of the lessons bubbling up from implementing your vision and let them sail forth.  

Barbara Key, Editor
Generating Youth Leaders in India

By Diti Mookherjee, Women Leaders for the World graduate, 2011

The Green Rhinos Program is a transformational leadership program that is creating youth nature leaders in India. It ignites in them a passion for nature conservation that stays with them throughout their lives. It comprises a series of interventions with knowledge sharing and transformational leadership training that leads middle school and high school students to create and execute local nature conservation projects. 

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Diti Mookherjee is the Founder and CEO of the Association for Social and Environmental Development in Kolkata, India. She was a Fulbright-Nehru Fellow for Environmental Leadership at Santa Clara University in 2011-2012. Here is her profile on  LinkedIn

Up the Mountain of Success

By Charlie Jaffe, Women Leaders for the World graduate, 2017

There are endless routes up the mountain of success. At times, the biggest thing blocking our ascent is not the overwhelming obstacles on our path, but the belief that there is only one way up. Dreaming up wild and unexpected paths to our goals can open doorways we’d never seen, and unwanted landslides can provide the paths beyond our imagination. This is particularly important for the passionate change-makers among us; the bigger and hairier our goal, the more no’s we are bound to face. 

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At a young age, Charly Jaffe has been the founder of a non profit, a strategist at Google, and the head of a yoga studio. Now she is co-author of a book -- A serial entrepreneur’s lessons on overcoming challenges while keeping your sh*t together. View an interview HERE

Here is her profile on LinkedIn

The book premiers February 19 and can be bought HERE .

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