We can't wait to
see you in person!
And we are on-line too!!!
Open Monday Through Saturday 10-5
And we are having a JR SALE!
Joseph Ribkoff
It's a
Joseph Ribkoff SALE!
So, are you ready to get out there and shop for one or two great pieces!
Life is good, we have made it through this....almost....and it is going to just get better and better.
Maybe you learned more on line that you ever wanted to, maybe you taught your kids more than you thought you could but you made it, confined, cooking more dinners than ever, having the tidiest or not so much house on the block...lol
Your got through the first parts of Covid 19, lay-offs, maybe the start of menopause, (hot flashes, just perfect) more work that you have ever had, not enough work, more government packages than you ever thought possible, maybe not enough packages!
Either way you are exhausted and definitely ready for a new day!
ME TOO! I can totally relate!
We are sooo ready for you!
*And to celebrate our OFFICIAL re-opening
let's save some dollars!
Our Joseph Ribkoff SPRING fashions are on SALE at 20% off (excluding essentials)...we missed our JR Trunk show so what the heck!!
May 19th-23rd
We have sanitizing stations set up.
We steam everything you try
We limit the number of fabulous clients into the shop...8 at a maximum...you know we have a very big store/area!
We wear a mask and ask you to also if you are needing a bra fitting.
We clean and sanitize our change rooms every time one of our fabulous clients is done,
We installed plexi-glass at the front counter
We have our no-touch Credit Card and Debit machine set up.
We can't wait to see you, talk to you, share with you, ask you for ideas and grow with you!
We love you and are totally ready for a NEW DAY
We are going to continue our videos, I love doing them, touching base, talking to you!..Everyday will be something new!
Joseph Ribkoff