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May 2020 vol. 2, no. 6
This time I wanted my heart of hearts to tell me the story of my life. I wanted the truthful version that created courage from its meaningfulness. I wanted to be astonished by my life and the way it revealed the One who sent me. Most of all, for Verity, I wanted a revelation of what the One who sent me prepared me for and called me to.

Chapter 7, p.123, The Caravan of Remembering
Q&A with Daniel
Life mission response to world events

In this clip, Daniel speaks about the inherent conversation with life in our exploration of life mission, both in responding to what is happening in the world, such as the global response to the corona virus, and in shaping the world around us through the expression of one's life missions.

Length: 3:12 mins. Interview date: April, 2020.
Images & Reflections of Life Mission
River Rock Mandala
The mandala, painted on a "found" river rock, is a collaboration of two lives. The healing warmth of the stone with the healing properties of color and design.This creation so reminded me of the symbolic and mystical patterns woven into the rugs surrounding the campfires in Caravan.   

Danya Keeley, Kelowna, British Columbia
We welcome your photos, images, and any other media connected to your exploration of your life mission through Caravan, for sharing in this newsletter and on Instagram, with your permission.
Caravan Conversation Clubs
This might be a great time to consider sitting around the campfire to explore The Caravan of Remembering , whether for the first time, or to read again.

Working through Caravan with others can offer an inspiring and encouraging way to explore Life Mission. We meet monthly on Zoom for an hour, and work our way through Caravan chapter by chapter. Groups are typically 3 to 6 people.

A new group is starting in June. Let us know if you are interested.
Interview, Reviews & Chapter

We hope you enjoy the interview Daniel did with Michael Stone on May 4, available here . You can also find the interview on Michael Stone's website,

Access your complementary copy of Daniel's chapter published in The Second Arc of Life by clicking on this link . Or listen to Daniel's 30-minute podcast on the Mature Preneur website.
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