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July 2011 News



We enter in a month of Celebration! 


  Happy 4th of July! 

 4th of July


Every day has a good reason to be celebrated, and on the 4th of July it is one of those special day... 

to Dance, Play, Laugh, Share, Sing! 


Group Yoga classes at Skanda Studio

Dharmi Yoga is a subtle and nurturing yoga practice based on the Dharmi philosophy, and the Universal Law.


The practice includes specific asanas (yoga postures), pranayamas (breathing techniques), and teachings to guide you toward your divine essence. 


Dharmi encourages you to live your Dharma. 

Dharmi Yoga addresses the stress we face in our daily life, caused by external and internal factors, by kindling a reconnection with our heart, metabolism, nervous system, mind, and True Self. 

You will explore and balance the relationship with your mind, your feelings, your physical body, your Self, and your surrounding!


We invite you to bring the pieces of the puzzle together, to connect the dots in your life, through a flowing and harmonious yoga practice.


Group Classes at Skanda Studio in Brickell.

Dancer of the Month


"DHARMI has truly been a life altering experience for me.

I was guided to change my thought process and as a result, I had an emotional release that instantly healed crippling physical pain I had been experiencing for over two years.  I've learned from the DHARMI teachings to release my fears and was able to tap into my creative side that I had not explored since I was very young. 

 Rite of Passage

I feel the DHARMI teachings have taught me to peel back layers of my consciousness that were blocking my true potential, and because of this I feel truly blessed."



Experience the DHARMI - Cycle of Creativity 

through Dance


On:    Wednesday; July 6th

Time: From 6PM to 8P
At:     The Standard
Cost: $55  (with indoor and outdoor spa included)


Info:   786-301-7324





singing bowl 


This DHARMI Seminar encompasses a developed practice to connect with the Creation within & around you. This cycle is opening, and activating the flow of energy, which is based on universal law, and the tantric energy.


Dancing the cycle of creativity will align, and connect the energies within You! 

Through life's experiences, we accumulate emotional, and physical stress. These create gaps within us, that we can address through this insightful practice.

The process includes a passage through your core believes, ego, inner child; and opens the connection to your heart.

We invite you to align your vibration, and expression with your intention. 


Life is a continuous Dance, which can be experienced from your heart center!

In This Issue
Dancer of the Month


at  Skanda Studio
Thursdays @ 9:30AM
Wed. July 6th 
From 6PM to 8PM 


Costa Rica
Nov. 3rd - 6th 2011

Evolution Program

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Dance with Purpose!
Dance with Gratitude!

Holistic Foot Analysis, Meditation, Dharmi Practice, Yoga, Qigong, and other spiritual practices,
you unveil the light and find the willpower that liberates You!